Free Checked Baggage Allowances Information

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구분, 무게(kg/lbs), 최대 크기(cm)로 구성된 무료 위탁수하물 허용량 안내입니다.
Division Weight (kg/lbs) Maximum size (cm)
Domestic Flight Adult/Child 15kg(33lbs) 203
Infant A foldable stroller or an infant aid can be added 203
International Flight
(Except for the US routes)
Adult/Child 20kg(44lbs) 203
Infant 10kg(22lbs) One foldable stroller or baby walker can be added. 203
US routes Adult/Child 23kg(50lbs) * 2 (allowed up to 2 pcs and under 23kg per piece) 203
Infant 10kg(22lbs) One foldable stroller or baby walker can be added. 203
  • The maximum size is based on the sum of 3 sides (width/length/height) of the luggage.
  • If the sum of length, height and width exceeds 203cm or the weight exceeds 32kg, the baggage will be restricted to be transported.
    Even if a baggage can be transported, additional charge will be imposed (KRW10,000/USD10).

Carry-on Baggage Information

  • Baggage(including handle and wheels) with a size of less than 115cm(sum of width, length and height) and a weight of less than 10kg is allowed as a free carry-on baggage.
  • Weight less than 10kg (22Ibs), A+B+C= 115cm or less (1 piece)
    Maximum length of each side is limited to 40cm (width), 55cm (length), and 20cm (height). Example - Restricted carry-on baggage in excess of 21 inches
  • Baggage that exceeds the carried baggage allowance limit must be checked at the counter.
    Charges will be added when check baggage at the boarding gate.(Extra baggage / excess baggage charge is calculated separately)checked baggage fees at the boarding gate
Additional carry-on item allowances
  • A hand-bag, a coat, a blanket or cover, a umbrella or stick, a small camera, a moderate number of books, food for baby during flight, a small calculator, a guide dog for the visually impaired or the hearing-impaired
  • The following items cannot be included in checked baggage and must be carried by the passengers.
    Currency, check, securities, jewelry, artifacts, antiques, documents, or other valuables etc.
  • A small musical instrument can be carried on board without an additional charge if the instrument including its case meets the carry-on size (total sum of 3 sides is less than 115cm). However, to carry on a large instrument (such as cello, double bass, gayageum, geomungo etc.) a passenger must purchase an additional seat.
  • Carry-on baggage can be stored on the cabin or under the seat.
    Please be careful when loading and unloading carry-on baggage in order not to cause an injury.