This service is recommend for...

  • Passengers with infants : this service may be a good option to secure a seat for your infant.
  • A team of two : Purchase a seat in the middle will allow you extra space for comfortness.
  • Passengers traveling alone: It is great deal especially for a long-haul flight.


지역별 이용요금 안내 입니다.
Division Japan China mainland/Hong Kong/Macao/Taiwan Southeast Asia/US/Ulaanbaatar
KRW 15,000 25,000 35,000
USD 15 25 35
JPY 1,500 2,500 3,500
CNY 90 140 210
TWD 400 700 1,000
HKD/MOP 100 170 250

※ You can only pay in local currency when you depart from foreign country.


  • This service is only available at the airport on the day of flight and cannot exchange/refund.
    If service is not offered due to cancellation or delay of flight, refund is available.
  • Only available for international flight.