Website Reservation
( Available 24 hours, except for check-in time: 23: 50 ~ 00: 10, except on Tuesdays 23: 00 ~ 24: 00 )

  • Booking service through homepage is available 24 hours a day.
  • You can freely choose your desired dates and destinations as well as your seats.

Mobile reservation
( Available 24 hours, except for check-in time: 23: 50 ~ 00: 10, except on Tuesdays 23: 00 ~ 24: 00 )

  • With mobile phone, you can search and manage your booking conveniently anytime, anywhere!
  • You can search 'AIR BUSAN' at iOS appstore/Android market and download our application.
  • Mobile URL :

Reservation Ticketing Services

It is a reservation ticketing service information table which consists of division, route, reservation and ticketing fee.
Division  Route Reservation Ticket Fee
Airport Domestic Flight 3,000 3 300
International Flight 10,000 10 1,000
Reservation Center Korea Domestic Flight 3,000 - -
International Flight 5,000 - -
Japan International Flight - - 1,000

※ 1,000KRW=1USD/EUR=100JPY=7CNY=8HKD/MOP=30TWD=4MYR=50PHP=22,000VND=2,200MNT=60RUB

  • The reservation ticketing service fee applies per reservation / per person regardless of one-way / return trip.
  • Reservation ticketing service fees are based on the local currency at the place of departure
  • Reservation ticketing service fees are non-refundable even when canceled.(Incl. cancellation on the day of payment)
  • Children are charged the same amount as adults, and infants under 24 months are exempted from the reservation ticketing service fee.
  • If you change your itinerary, you will not be charged for the reservation ticketing service.
  • For residents in Japan, reservation ticketing services are available through the Japan Reservation Center (0570-029-777).

Telephone reservation

  • This is a service for you to receive your boarding pass after paying for it with your credit(debit) card when booking on the phone.
  • Reservation center: (+82) 1666-3060 for Korean, (+82)-0-7997-3060 from overseas
  • Operating hours (based on Korean time) Domestic/international flights (all year round) 09:00~19:00
    • Group reservation inquiry (10 or more persons) TEL. 1666-6265, Opening Hours : 09:00-17:00 (Sundays and holidays excluded)
  • When calling the reservation center, a call charge will be charged.
  • Credit card number is required if you want your ticket to be issued as soon as you book the ticket via phone.
  • If you are subject to fare discounts as a child, a disabled person or a man of national merit, tell the counselor about it. (Except for the disabled on international flights)
  • On the departure date, present your ID card at check-in counter and get boarding pass.
    ( A person subject to discounts should present documents to prove that he or she is subject to discount benefits.)
  1. Guide for emergency flight operation

    Flight cancellation or delay, schedule change, etc.

  2. Guide for confirmation of waiting reservation

    Except for the case that you sign up on a waiting list on the same date

  3. Guide for check-in verification number

    Expected to provide additional services in the future

  • This is a service to send a message to your mobile phone number you register with the reservation number. Therefore, your mobile phone number should be entered with your reservation number.
    For this service, please enter the accurate mobile phone number when booking or checking your reservation.