The program dedicated for travel agency which can reserve and issue a discounted flight ticket through the website of AIR BUSAN.
You can use services right after completing subscription for membership without any cost.
If you can use internet after joining a program, you can reserve and purchase a flight ticket with Employee ID at anytime and anywhere.

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Procedures for joining travel agency advantage program


Corporation which has business license in accommodations business

Joining Procedure
  1. Individual member registration

  2. Apply for
    membership of travel agency

  3. Send
    business license
    via FAX

  4. Send approval e-mail
    (Agency name/code)

  5. Share name and code of agency
    with employees

  6. Apply for membership of travel agency after joining as an employee

As a person in charge of issuing a ticket under travel agency advantage program
As a new travel agency

Information of travel agency advantage program

After you log in the site with Employee ID of travel agency, you can check specific details of benefits at Notice.

Special fare for Jeju routes offered to advantage members
구분, 할인율, 비고로 구성된 내정보조회입니다.
Division Discount rate Remarks
Gimpo-Jeju Online+5
  • No additional discount for 0% discounted rate flight tickets
  • Up to 60%
  • Except for special price/promotion flight tickets
Busan-Jeju Online+5
Daegu-Jeju Online+5
International Flight
  • Applied when discount promotion is on-going
  • We send DM before opening the promotion

Except for Jeju routes, online discount rate is applied.

Travel agency can compute the price and sell (No prices are shown on passenger’s boarding pass)

Advantage Member requirements - board above 50 times(one-way), we will notice on members list every January and July.

T.L Function

You do not have to book and issue a ticket at the same time.
When you purchase Domestic Special Discounted(S CLS) ticket, Int'l Super Special Fare or Promotion Fare, despite member of travel agency advantage program, only booking and paying at the same time is available.

Various payment function

You can pay by cash.

No price is written on the customer's boarding pass.

Amounts are not marked for organizing various types of travel products.

Check if your company has already signed up for this program!

회사명, 구분, 소재지, 정보로 구성된 기업등록검색입니다.
Company name Division Location Information

Check if your company has already signed up for this program!


the company code and join it!

Don't miss benefits of corporate advantage program

Completed to sign up for a membership of corporation.


You are not registered as a company member yet.

Don't miss benefits of Corporate Advantage Program

A company and group with one or more persons can sign up for a membership.

If you are a staff member of travel agency

Input travel agency information

Mandatory Mandatory

가입된 여행사명, 여행사코드, 근무부서, 직책으로 구성된 여행사정보 입력입니다.
Mandatory Name of the travel agency you signed up with Input the same as registered
Mandatory Code of travel agency Case sensitive
Department Position