• Article 1 [Purpose]
  • These provisions aim to prescribe AIR BUSAN's and its users' rights, obligations, and responsibilities in using Internet related services offered at AIR BUSAN's Internet website (hereafter en.airbusan.com) operated by ‘AIR BUSAN Incorporated’(hereafter AIR BUSAN).
  • Article 2 [Definition]
  • ① ‘en.airbusan.com’ means the virtual business site that AIR BUSAN has established to enable users to transact goods or services through the use of information communication facilities such as computers, etc.
    ②‘User’ means members and/or non-members who receive offers from AIR BUSAN's service, pursuant to these provisions, and by connecting to ‘en.airbusan.com.’
    ③ ‘Member’ means those registered as members of AIR BUSAN by offering their personal information to AIR BUSAN's ‘en.airbusan.com’ and who receive the information provided by AIR BUSAN and are able to continually use services offered to them.
    ④ "Non-member" means those who use information and services offered by AIR BUSAN without being registered as members.
    ⑤ ‘AIR BUSAN-Linked Website’ means the website linked with ‘en.airbusan.com’ through a hyperlink or through another means (including text, image, and moving image)
    ⑥ ‘Personal Information’ means the information through which one can identify a specific individual, and includes his/her name, Resident Registration Number, e-mail, or other items included in the relevant information. (It also includes any information that is non-identifying when used alone, but identifying when used in connection with other information.)
  • Article 3 [Disclosure and Revision of the User Agreement]
  • ① AIR BUSAN shall post the contents of this User Agreement, business name, contact information, business address, etc. on the initial service page of ‘en.airbusan.com’ so that users can be aware of them. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the contents of the User Agreement may be provided to users through a separately linked screen.
    ② From time to time, AIR BUSAN may revise this User Agreement. Such revisions shall not violate the relevant laws, including the ‘Act on consumer protection in electronic commerce transactions, etc.’ ‘Act on the regulation of standardized contracts,’ ‘Framework act on electronic commerce,’ ‘Digital signature act,’ ‘Act on the promotion of information and communications network utilization and information protection, etc.’ ‘Act on Door-to-Door sales, etc.’ ‘Framework act on consumers,’ and others.
    ③ In the event that a revision is made to any provisions in this User Agreement, AIR BUSAN shall provide a notice of the details and the reasons for such revision as well as the date of application, along with the current provisions, on the initial page for a period from seven (7) days prior to the date of their application to the day before their application.
    ④ Revised provisions shall be applicable to users registered as members before the relevant revision to the extent that such revised provisions do not violate the relevant laws. However, in the event that any member expresses his or her explicit refusal of such revised provisions no later than the date of application, the provisions in force before the revision shall be applied to such member.
  • Article 4 [Rules other than the User Agreement]
  • Any matters that are not provided in this User Agreement or its interpretation shall be governed by the ‘Act on the regulation of standardized contracts,’ the ‘Act on consumer protection in electronic commerce transactions, etc.’ the ‘Framework act on consumers,’ and general trade practices in Korea.
  • Section 2. Use of Service
  • Article 5 [Provision of service]
  • ① AIR BUSAN will offer the following services through ‘en.airbusan.com’:
        1. Provision of information related to airline ticketing and purchase
        2. Provision of information related to travel, such as discounted airline tickets, airtels, etc.
        3. Provision of diverse travel-related information
        4. Introduction of various services provided by AIR BUSAN
        5. Other services, as designated by AIR BUSAN

    ② AIR BUSAN, at its sole discretion, may add, adjust, or modify the contents of the services provided in the preceding provision, if necessary.
  • Article 6 [Use and Limitation of Service]
  • ① In principle, the services will be available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.
    ② AIR BUSAN may interrupt the provision of services temporarily when required for maintenance/repair, or due to breakdown of the information communication equipment such as computers, breakdown of the system, interruption of communications, etc.
    ③ AIR BUSAN shall not indemnify any user or a third party, nor compensate for any damages caused by the interruption of service provision due to the reason provided in the preceding provision 2, unless such damages have been caused by either an intentional act or the gross negligence of AIR BUSAN.
    ④ Some of the Internet services provided by AIR BUSAN may be available only to members of the ‘en.airbusan.com.’
    ⑤ In the event that a user commits one of the following acts, AIR BUSAN may block or interrupt the use of the services, without any prior notification to the relevant user.
        1. Any behavior violating public order or public morals
        2. Any behavior presumed to be related with a crime
        3. Any use of the service for the purpose of obstruction of the public interest, or the planning of the same
        4. Any behavior that appropriates another user’s ID or password
        5. Any act of defamation or insult of others, or other harmful act
        6. Any act of double registration (registration of more than one ID by a user)
        7. Any behavior that prevents the sound use of the services, such as the interruption of service provision.
        8. Any behavior that violates other related laws and regulations or the terms of use set forth in AIR BUSAN.

    ⑥ AIR BUSAN is not liable for users having damages caused by the termination of service due to the failure in any of the above cases of Paragraph.
  • Article 7 [Member Registration]
  • ① A user will be registered as a member by expressing his or her consent to the User Agreement after providing member information, pursuant to the registration form provided by AIR BUSAN.
    ② By pressing the “Consent” button on the screen, the User shall be deemed to have given legal consent to the User Agreement.
    A person under 14 can apply for registration by consenting to this User Agreement through the consent of his/her legal representative.
    ③ A user who wishes to become a member shall register a membership under his or her real name, and provide personal information requested by AIR BUSAN.
    ④ A user shall be prevented from registering as a member in each of the following cases:
        1. The user applies for registration under the name of another person, or a non-existing person
        2. The user makes a misrepresentation in the application form, in part or in whole
        3. In the event that 3 years have elapsed since an applicant lost the qualification of membership in accordance with Article 8, Paragraph ② of this User Agreement.

    ⑤ Upon having any change in registration information, a member should maintain the latest information by modifying and registering any change through the menu.
    ⑥ All information filled out in the membership application is considered as an actual data, and a member is responsible for any disadvantage caused by providing or not modifying a false name and/or Social Security Number.
  • Article 8 [Withdrawal from membership and Disqualification]
  • ① A member who wishes to withdraw from membership may do so at any time through the menu in ‘en.airbusan.com,’ and AIR BUSAN shall instantly answer the request.
    ② In any of the following circumstances, AIR BUSAN may restrict the use of the services by the member, or disqualify the member:
        1. Death of a member
        2. Member wrote down false information or made more than two IDs
        3. In the event that a member interferes with another’s use of the service, or commits an unethical act, such as the illegal use of another’s information
        4. In the event that a member refuses to pay for an airline ticket purchased through the ‘en.airbusan.com’, or fails to perform his or her obligation for the use of service provided by the ‘en.airbusan.com’.
        5. In the event that a member commits an unlawful act under this User Agreement, or commits any violation of the laws or other public orders or customs in the use of the ‘en.airbusan.com’.

    ③ AIR BUSAN may notify and have opportunity to be heard from the member whose membership will be terminated due to the disqualification of membership under the preceding provision. However, the preceding Paragraph ②, Subparagraph 1 is exceptional.
    ④ AIR BUSAN is not responsible for the damage if a member loses his/her membership or receives restricted services under paragraph ②.
  • Article 9 [Notification to Member]
  • ① When AIR BUSAN gives a notification to a specific member, it may provide such notification to the member via the e-mail address submitted by the member, or communicate with the member by mail, telephone, or other methods.
    ② When AIR BUSAN gives a notification to general members, it may notify them by publicly posting such notification on the ‘en.airbusan.com’, which is equivalent to an individual notice. However, AIR BUSAN shall give an individual member notice on items that might significantly affect a transaction of that member.
  • Article 10 [Provision of information]
  • AIR BUSAN may provide members with diverse service information, such as information on the use of the service and various promotional events (commercial advertisements), travel information, etc. through e-mail, mail, SMS (short message service), or other methods. However, any member who does not want such information may refuse to receive the information provided by AIR BUSAN.
  • Article 11 [Purchase of airline ticket]
  • ① User may apply to purchase an airline ticket in accordance with the process provided on the ‘en.airbusan.com’.
    ② At its sole discretion, AIR BUSAN may not approve the application for purchase made under the preceding provision in any of the following circumstances:
        1. If there is any misrepresentation, omission, or error in the application
        2. If approval of such application for purchase is prohibited under the existing laws/regulations or the regulations of AIR BUSAN
        3. If it is deemed that the approval of such application for purchase may cause a significant difficulty under the technology of the ‘en.airbusan.com’

    ③ AIR BUSAN’s approval of the user’s application for purchase shall be deemed to have been granted when a confirmation notice of receipt reaches the user.
    ④ The user who receives the aforementioned confirmation notice of receipt may cancel the application for purchase or make a request for change, and AIR BUSAN will manage it accordingly.
  • Article 12 [Method of Payment]
  • The user who purchases an airline ticket or other good/service through the ‘en.airbusan.com’ may make payment using one of the following methods specified by AIR BUSAN:
     1.Credit card 
     2.On-line transfer to a bank account
     3.Other payment methods specified by AIR BUSAN
  • Article 13 [Protection of personal information]
  • ① When collecting information from the user, AIR BUSAN will collect the minimum information necessary to provide the service and fulfill the contract.
    ② AIR BUSAN shall collect the mandatory private information for registration, services etc. from the homepage. Yet, users can select other options liberally.
    ③ Details regarding the protection of personal information shall be governed by the Personal Information Protection Policy of AIR BUSAN, which is posted at the bottom of the Homepage.

    - mandatory information
       1. Name in English (required for reservation)
       2. Social Security Number (required for identification and authentication, On-line and Off-line membership connection)
       3. Contact phone number (required for reservation and contact information)
       4. Address (required to send the event gift)
       5. E-mail Address (required to promptly provide members with Newsletters)
       6. User ID (required to log in to the Homepage)
       7. Password (required for the identification when members log in the Homepage)
       8. Nationality (required to provide a different language)

    - Optional Information (information to provide customized services to members)
       1. Passport information
       2. Anniversary
       3. Company, department, position
       4. Frequently used routes etc.

    ③ Details regarding the protection of personal information shall be governed by the Personal Information Protection Policy of AIR BUSAN, which is posted at the bottom of the Homepage.
  • Article 14 [Protection of personal information]
  • ① AIR BUSAN complies with the followings to protect users’ personal information.
        1. AIR BUSAN makes the best effort to have the most optimal security system for protecting personal information.
        2. AIR BUSAN operates dedicated Off-line representatives in case of facing a difficulty with an On-line credit card approval, and it takes immediate action, ascertaining every effort to prevent future recurrence.

    ② AIR BUSAN shall be liable for any damage caused by disclosure, loss, theft, and/or forgery of credit card, bank account and/or other personal information as an operator of ‘en.airbusan.com’. However, AIR BUSAN shall not be liable for any damage caused by disclosure of personal or credit card information due to the negligence or on purpose of users.
  • Section 4 Responsibilities and Obligations
  • Article 15 [Obligations of AIR BUSAN]
  • ① AIR BUSAN shall not act against laws and these provisions, or good public order and morals, and will strive to offer stable service and goods pursuant to these provisions.
    ② AIR BUSAN will be equipped with secure system to protect users’ personal information and take technical security measures for the system. Also, make best efforts to ensure the best management.
    ③ AIR BUSAN will maintain the order of e-Commerce through a fair and healthy management, make efforts to provide high quality services through ongoing research and development.
    ④ With regard to goods and services of AIR BUSAN through ‘en.airbusan.com,’ AIR BUSAN will not pursue any unfair indication or advertisement, pursuant to laws on the [Fairness of Indication or Advertisement] in Article 3.
    ⑤ AIR BUSAN shall not e-mail an advertisement for profit-making against the will of users.
  • Article 16 [Obligations of User]
  • ① User shall comply with the relevant laws, the provisions of this User Agreement, and other instructions and directions provided and given by AIR BUSAN, and shall not prevent the normal operations of AIR BUSAN.
    ② User shall fill out the application honestly and sincerely based on the facts, and should the circumstances of the user change in a manner that results in changes to the information provided, the user shall amend it accordingly. If user fails to amend the information provided, he or she shall be liable for all damages arising due to such failure to make an amendment.
    ③ User shall not copy, reproduce nor modify the information obtained in the course of using the services without the prior consent of AIR BUSAN, and is prohibited from using such information for commercial purposes.
    ④ User shall not be allowed to do the following, other than when provided in the preceding provision.
        1. Change the information posted on the ‘en.airbusan.com’
        2. Transmit or post information (such as computer program, etc.) other than the information specified by AIR BUSAN
        3. Infringe the intellectual property right of AIR BUSAN or a third party
        4. Commit any act that causes damage to the reputation or image of AIR BUSAN or other third parties, or interrupts their normal operations
        5. Commit any act of disclosing or displaying information that contains obscene or violent message/image/voice, or is against good public order
        6. Commit any act of selling goods or soliciting custom using the bulletin board of the ‘en.airbusan.com’
        7. Commit any other act that AIR BUSAN deems inappropriate

    ⑤ In the event that any information which AIR BUSAN deems inappropriate for the operation of its Internet website, including information provided in the preceding provision, is posted on or linked to the ‘en.airbusan.com’, AIR BUSAN, at its sole discretion, may delete the relevant information or block the link without the consent of the user or other subscribers.
  • Article 17 [Relationship of ‘en.airbusan.com’ and other websites]
  • ① In the event that the ‘en.airbusan.com’ and a second website are connected through a hyperlink (including text, image, and moving image), AIR BUSAN shall not be liable for the goods or services independently provided by such linked website.
    ② AIR BUSAN shall not warrant the credibility of information or data posted on the bulletin board of the ‘en.airbusan.com’ by the user, and shall not be liable for any damage caused by such information or data.
  • Section 5. Miscellaneous
  • Article 18 [Reversion of Copyright]
  • ① Copyright and other intellectual property rights of work prepared by AIR BUSAN shall be reverted to AIR BUSAN.
    ② Users should not use information acquired in using the ‘en.airbusan.com’ for profit-making nor make a third party use that information by way of copying, transmission, publication, distribution, or broadcasting without prior consent of AIR BUSAN.
  • Article 19 [Settlement of Dispute]
  • ① AIR BUSAN establishes and operates the Compensation Committee (AIR BUSAN Customer Satisfaction Center)for the compensation of damages reflecting fair opinions or claims by users, and compensate for the damages.
    ② If an user has any complaint about the use of ‘en.airbusan.com’ operated by AIR BUSAN, or wishes to express his or her opinion, the user can present such opinion to the Compensation Committee (AIR BUSAN Customer Satisfaction Center).
    ③ AIR BUSAN will preferentially respond to reflect on reasonable opinions or claims raised by users if it is fair to be taken by AIR BUSAN’s judgment. If the process takes a long period of time, you will be notified of the schedule and reasons immediately.
  • Article 20 [Jurisdiction and Governing law]
  • ① AIR BUSAN and the user shall make every effort to mutually and amicably resolve any disputes or claims that occur in relation to the User Agreement.
    ② In the event such efforts do not bear fruit, and a lawsuit or legal proceeding is submitted, the Seoul Central District Court shall have exclusive jurisdiction over such lawsuit or legal proceeding, and the law of the Republic of Korea shall be the governing law.
  • (Addendum)
    ☞ This User Agreement shall be in force as of October 1, 2010.