• 1. [General Rules]
  • a. AIR BUSAN maintains minimum level of person information to provide excellent service and maintain active communication and information for users. AIR BUSAN respects the value of the user's personal information and does everything it can to protect the personal information. In addition, the AIR BUSAN complies with the personal information protection rules specified at and by the Ministry of Information and Telecommunication.

    b. AIR BUSAN displays its privacy policy on its website to show users how their information is managed, for what purposes, and how that information is protected. In addition, this policy can be changed according to the revised law and internal policy of AIR BUSAN. If any changes occur, AIR BUSAN will let users know about them.
  • 2. [Purpose of collecting personal information and Usage]
  • a.AIR BUSAN collects the personal information for following reasons.

    -Implement a contract to provide services Reservation for the flight, mailing gifts, verifying identification for financial transaction and financial service.
    - Membership Management Membership Usage and Personal Identification, Intent of Membership, Customer Service.
    - Marketing and Advertisement Usage Information on new services, new products, events, and usage statistics.

    b. AIR BUSAN will not use personal information for reasons other than those stated above except in the case of a change in the law and with prior user agreement. If information needs to be used in a case not listed above, AIR BUSAN will get approval from the user in advance.
  • 3. [Personal Information Item and Collecting Method]
  • a. AIR BUSAN collects a variety of information in order to join the web-site or use web-site services. Users are free to choose which optional information they want to provide.

    - Name: for flight reservation
    - Gender : for identification (optional)
    - Phone Number : The phone number is required to inform customers of their reservation.
    -Address, Post Number, E-mail are required to inform customers of information such as changed terms and conditions, marketing resources, etc.

    - ID/PW are required to log in the website.
    - Passport Number, nationality are required to go through the process of entering a foreign nation.
    - Other information is required to inform customers of marketing activities and announcements.
    - If the age of customers are less than 14 years old: the name, social security number, e-mail of a parent.
    - Passenger Name
    - Membership Number
    - Date of Birth (Child, Infant)
    - Contact Phone Number
    - E-mail (optional)
    - Credit card number and verification number
    - Name of Bank, Account Number, PIN number

    - Name
    - Contact Phone Number
    - E-mail
    - Membership Number or Social Security Number
  • 4. [Personal Information Consignment and Provision to a Third party]
  • a. Consignment of Personal Information
    If the personal information of the user is required to be handled by a third party, AIR BUSAN will disclose the name of the third party and the coverage of consignment in advance.

    Consignment Company Contents
    Asiana IDT Computer process of personal information
    JTM&B event gifts on the website and DM delivery
    KISINFO Personal Verification for the membership
    Delivery Company Flight ticket and gift delivery

    b. Provision of personal information for the third party

    1) AIR BUSAN will not use the personal information of the user without consultation with them in advance, except for rules, guidelines or instruction by the government. In addition, AIR BUSAN will not use such information other than for originally stated purposes or provide the information to the third party (personal or company).

    2)If a user is in the process of legal dispute or their information is requested by the law, due to non-compliance with the terms and conditions or damage to the third party, AIR BUSAN is able to provide such information to relative agencies without their agreement.

    (1) When providing a minimum level of personal information (membership number, social security number) to check the payment for using services of affiliation.
    (2) For the purpose of statistics, research and market research after hiding private information.
    (3) When a law specify to do so including a law on the real-name financial transaction system, uses and protection of credit information, electric telecommunication business, electric telecommunication, criminal suit and etc.
    (4) Consign such service to implement service.
    (5) Travel agency, affiliated flight company: to board a flight

    3) Any modifications on providing personal information to the third party will be posted on the website.
  • 5. [Personal Information Usage and Correction]
  • ① The user can open or change their personal information registered on the AIR BUSAN web-site. If you want to open and change such information, log onto the website with inputting ID and password, then click on the website (http://en.airbusan.com). In addition, you can request such modifications or contact a Call Center. (1666-3060)
    ② If a certain user requests a correction on his/her personal information, AIR BUSAN will not use or provide such information until he or she complete the process of modification.
  • 6. [Collecting, Using, and Providing personal information]

  • ② To revoke such agreement, log onto the website (en.airbusan.com), click or contact the customer center on the website or call 1666-3060.

    ③ If the user does not ntend to use AIR BUSAN's service, he or she can withdraw membership on the personal information modification section of the website anytime.
  • 7. [Personal Information Retention and Duration]

  • ② Personal information will be deleted and destroyed within 1 day from withdrawal under the following circumstances. In the following cases, such information cannot be reused for any reason.

    (1) Membership Information: a user contracted out of the membership or lost membership qualification.
    (2) Records on payment and goods. (Preservation Period: 5 years)
    (3) Records on complaints and lawsuit dispute (Preservation Period: 3 years)
    (4) others: when the purpose of collecting and using such information is achieved.

    Regardless of previous clauses, AIR BUSAN can retain the personal information specifying reasons to retain, duration and items of personal information for legal reasons or for preparing a legal dispute against payment, lawsuit.

    AIR BUSAN shall temporarily disable an account if it is inactive or remains non-operational for a year. The notice has been sent to the users' email at least 30days prior in advance. All users' information is destroyed from our database once the membership contract is terminated.

  • 8. [How to destroy the personal information]
  • If the purpose of collecting and using the personal information is achieved, such information will be destroyed immediately. If the personal information is stored in electrical files, such information will be destroyed with applying technical method that is impossible to restore.
  • 9. [Technological Measurement on Protecting Personal Information]
  • AIR BUSAN takes the following measurement to prevent loss, stolen, or leaked information; to prevent attack or hacking; and to provide a sense of safety.

    (1) Personal information is protected by a password, all the files and data are encrypted by safety application.
    (2) AIR BUSAN uses a vaccine program to avoid any damage caused by a PC virus, and it updates such program on a regular basis.
    (3) AIR BUSAN uses encrypted algorithm to safely transmit personal information on the online network.
    (4) To prevent leakage of personal information by hacking, AIR BUSAN uses a safety program to block invasion from outside, and install real time invasion-detection system.
    (5) AIR BUSAN limits the number of people who work with personal information, such persons are monitored to assure compliance with the personal information policy.
  • 10. [Installing a tool collecting personal information automatica]
  • AIR BUSAN uses 'cookies' to store and search your precious information. The cookie is transmitted by a server with the form of a small text file that is stored on your hard disk.

    ① Usage Purpose
    - Log in identification
    - Usage Language

    You can choose whether to install cookies. Therefore, you can allow all the cookies by changing options or go through verification whenever a cookie is stored or deny storing all the cookies.

    ② How to deny cookie setup

    - Example of setting up (for explorer): click tool on the upper menu of the browser> internet option> personal information. If you deny the installation of the cookie, it will be inconvenient for you to use the service.
  • 11. [Personal information on children less than 14 years old]
  • ① AIR BUSAN recommends agreement from legal agent if AIR BUSAN collects personal information from children less than 14 years old or provides such information to third party or use the information other than the intent of original purpose. For these reasons, children less than 14 years old are able to register their information on the website by acquiring agreement from their legal agent.

  • 12. [Responsibility and obligation of the user]

  • ② Users have a right to protect their personal information, at the same time they have a responsibility not to invade others' personal information. Please take utmost care that such information is not leaked. If personal information is leaked due to the fault of the user, such users take full responsibility. If a user steals or input information in an illegal method, the membership of such user will be lost and he or she may be punished by relative laws.
  • 13. [Opinion and Complaints]
  • AIR BUSAN welcomes the user's opinions and complaints regarding personal information protection. If you direct opinions or complaints to the following contact, we will handle your request immediately and notify you of the result.

    - Homepage: click
    - Reservation Center: 1666-3060
  • 14.[A person in charge of personal information on homepage]
  • AIR BUSAN has designate a person in charge of taking opinions and complaints about personal information who will protect your precious information. The person in charge of personal information opinions and complaints is:

    ① Name: Hwang, In-su
    ② Company and Team: AIR BUSAN Marketing & Strategy Team
    ③ Receives e-mail through customer center on the webpage.
  • 15. [Exception for personal information policy]
  • AIR BUSAN is able to provide a link such as websites of other companies or material with users. AIR BUSAN does not have any control over the other websites and material, in addition, 'Personal Information Policy of AIR BUSAN' is not applied on those collecting personal information. For these reasons, please check the personal information policy of recently visited websites.
  • 16. [Modification on Personal Information Policy]
  • The personal information protection policy can change according to rules by the government, terms and conditions of AIR BUSAN and laws such as , In these cases, AIR BUSAN will post the reason for modification, contents on the news section of the homepage. If important issues change (provide information to third party, modification on collecting and using information, modification on retention), AIR BUSAN will receive agreement from the user.
  • 17. [Others]
  • The policy is revised on January 6, 2010. : updates on collecting items of personal information regarding international flight, reasons to collect and method.