Information of MINI STAMP
  • Membership Enrollment : 5 mini stamps
    (Members from Jan 1st 2014)
  • Birthday : 5 mini stamps on the day of birth
  • Extra mini stamp provided when participated in various promotions.
Rules of saving MINI STAMP
  • 10 MINI STAMPS can be converted to one regular STAMP
  • If you save more than 10 MINI STAMPs, you can convert them to regular STAMPs on the page [My STAMP > View All].
  • The expiration date of MINI STAMP is 6 months from its saved date, and the expiration date of the converted regular stamp is 1 year from the converted date.
  • MINI STAMP is not transferable.
  • The converted regular STAMP shall not be re-converted to the MINI STAMPs.