Sign up for a corporation membership

  • A person who firstly registers corporation information has an authority of master.
  • Master has authority to search total results of use and management function.
  • After joining a corporate membership, you can transfer the authority to other representative managers including those who are in charge of general affairs or personal affairs.
  1. STEP1. Master registration Current progress
  2. STEP2. Confirm
  3. STEP3. Input personal information
  4. STEP4. Subscription completed

Please register corporation master.

Only individual member of AIR BUSAN can register corporation master.

If you did not register Master, please join to be an individual member and register Master.

아이디, 비밀번호로 구성된 개인회원 로그인입니다.
  • Don't you have ID for Master registration? Please sign up for a membership of AIR BUSAN first. Individual member registration
  • Forgot your registered e-mail? Log in to our website and you can check the e-mail on My Information in My Page. View my information