Benefits are offered when you present boarding pass.



FLY & FUN Benefits

  • Partnership benefits with accompanying person are provided to the passenger

  • Use it within 31 days from boarding date

  • Possible to use several partners at the same time

Requirements for FLY & FUN

  • Boarding pass and ID card

  • Reservation in advance may be required according to partners

Enjoy FLY&FUN with mobile phone

Enjoy the benefits of FLY&FUN with mobile that was only available with paper boarding pass.

How to use : Mobile AIR BUSAN > Go to 'FLY&JOY' and choose 'FLY&FUN' or'FLY&FUN pass'

Partnership Inquiry

Become a partner of AIR BUSAN and introduce your company to DOM/INT'L travellers and business partners.


  1. AIR BUSAN may change or finish programs without a notice.
  2. Other discount and service cannot be applied with this program.
  3. AIR BUSAN does not guarantee the products and services of the partners.

Guide for Using FLY & FUN

  1. AIR BUSAN's Fly & Fun program enables passengers to receive benefits from AIR BUSAN's partnership companies (limited to the ones listed on the homepage) by presenting your boarding pass.
  2. Benefits of the program (listed on the homepage) are only for the passenger himself/herself within 31 days from the boarding date. You can use several partners within 31days but you can’t use duplicate in one partner. (※ Accompanying persons may receive the benefits where specified.)
  3. To receive the benefits offered by the partnership companies listed on the homepage, please present your original boarding pass as well as your ID. Particularly when it is necessary to make a reservation in advance, please let them know that you possess the boarding pass when you make the reservation. (※ Refer to the homepage to see which companies require advanced reservations.)
  4. AIR BUSAN is not responsible to guarantee the quality of products offered by partnership companies for this program.
  5. AIR BUSAN may change or finish programs without a notice.
  6. 웹사이트에서 제휴하고 있는 내용은 특별한 언급이 없는 한 2019년 12월 31일까지 유효함을 알려드립니다. (※ 제휴사에 따라 이용기간 및 제휴혜택이 변경될 수 있습니다.)
  7. Other discount and service cannot be applied with this program.
  8. Please refer to the websites of the partnership companies, because low season, peak season, weekdays and weekends are different from each partnership company.
  • Benefits are offered when you present boarding pass.
  • Not available in conjunction with other discounts.

Enjoy FLY & FUN with mobile phone

  1. Special benefits of
    FLY & FUN
    with mobile phone

  2. Step 01 'Benefits of Boarding Pass' Or Click on the menu of ‘My Page’

    If others book a ticket
    - If mobile phone number of actual passenger is entered
    Possible to search

  3. Step 02 FLY&FUN Boarding Pass
    Menu Selection

    Hour available to search mobile boarding pass - Possible to search it from 08:00 AM, the next day of boarding date
    due to data transfer

  4. Step 03 Select the FLY&FUN
    boarding pass you want

    Only flight tickets within 31 days after boarding a plan are marked in the list of FLY & FUN.

  5. Step 04 Search boarding pass and
    present to partners
  6. Step 05 Approval completed