Traveling of pregnant woman

Women in pregnancy for shorter than 32 weeks
  • Traveling by plane is possible as ordinary people.
    However, it is possible to check the number of pregnancies, please bring documents that can confirm the number of pregnancy.
  • Those who have prgnancy complication, should turn in pledge and recommendations when check in.
Women in pregnancy for 32 weeks or longer
  • 36 weeks or shorter : Those passanger should submit pledge.
  • Longer than 37 weeks (longer than 33 weeks for multiple pregnancy) : Cannot board a plane for pregnant woman and unborn babies' health.
  • In compliance with the IATA Medical Guideline, boarding standard for multiple pregnancy is different from singleton pregnancy.
Women in pregnancy for 37 weeks or longer
  • Boarding a plane is limited to ensure safety of passengers and safe flight operation.

Traveling with Infants

Критерии для перелета с младенцами
  • Except those who receive recommendations from doctor to do not travel on board, traveling by plane is possible as ordinary people.
  • Domestic Flight

    Possible to board a plane in case of a 7-day-old infant or older

  • International Flight

    Possible to board a plane in case of a 14-day-old infant or older

Notice for passengers traveling with newborns
  • Even if a baby born healthy, since infants have unstable body temperature control and do not have fully developed lungs as well as other body parts yet, it is recommended that no infant less than 1 week old on board. If the baby needs to travel, the company will need to receive medical clearance in advance.
  • An infant is not be provided a separate seat. An adult can accompany an infant.
  • Domestic Flight : Free
  • International Flight : Different by routes (chart), One-way
Division  Route FARE
From Korea Japan KRW 20,000
China/Hong Kong/Macau/Taiwan/Russia KRW 30,000
Southeast Asia / Oceania / Mongolia KRW 35,000
from overseas Japan JPY 2,000
China CNY 180
Hong Kong/Macau HKD/MOP 200
Taiwan TWD 800
Russia EUR 24
Southeast Asia / Oceania / Mongolia USD 36
Malaysia MYR 150