Traveling of pregnant woman

Women in pregnancy for shorter than 32 weeks
  • Traveling by plane is possible as ordinary people.
    However, it is possible to check the number of pregnancies, please bring documents that can confirm the number of pregnancy.
  • Those who have prgnancy complication, should turn in pledge and recommendations when check in.
Women in pregnancy for 32 weeks or longer
  • 36 weeks or shorter : Those passanger should submit pledge.
  • Longer than 37 weeks (longer than 33 weeks for multiple pregnancy) : Cannot board a plane for pregnant woman and unborn babies' health.
  • In compliance with the IATA Medical Guideline, boarding standard for multiple pregnancy is different from singleton pregnancy.
Women in pregnancy for 37 weeks or longer
  • Boarding a plane is limited to ensure safety of passengers and safe flight operation.

Traveling with infants

Infant boarding criteria
  • Except those who receive recommendations from doctor to do not travel on board, traveling by plane is possible as ordinary people.
  • Domestic Flight

    Possible to board a plane in case of a 7-day-old infant or older

  • International Flight

    Possible to board a plane in case of a 14-day-old infant or older

Notice for passengers traveling with newborns
  • Even newborns born with good health have a difficult time adapting to a different in-flight environment than on the ground because their physical development is insufficient. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid air travel as much as possible.
  • There is no separate seat for infants and 1 adult can accompany up to 1 infant.
  • Domestic Flight : Free
  • International Flight : Varies by route
Division  Route one way fare
From Korea Busan to Fukuoka KRW 17,700
From Busan to Fukuoka Japan KRW 20,000
China/Hong Kong/Macau/Taiwan/Russia KRW 30,000
other routes KRW 35,000
from overseas Japan JPY 2,000
China CNY 180
Hong Kong/Macau HKD/MOP 200
Taiwan TWD 800
Russia EUR 24
Southeast Asia / Oceania / Mongolia USD 36
Malaysia USD 36
(*Offline fee MYR 150)
Thailand USD 36
(*Offline fee THB 1,200)