We provide Unaccompanied Minor (UM) service for safe and comfortable travel for children traveling alone (unaccompanied).

Guardians can only be over 18 years of age (13 years old) for international flights, and those who are eligible for UM will be denied boarding if they do not apply for UM service.

(However, it is not applicable to customers who purchase special offers and promotional tickets from Korea/overseas)

Available for

  • Domestic Flight

    Age 5 ~ 12 years

  • International Flight

    Age 5 ~ 11 years

  • Child under 5 years old cannot travel alone in any case.
  • For international flight only, we provide adolescents who are between 12~17 years old YPTA(Young Passenger Traveling Alone) service if requested.
  • In the case of Incheon↔Shenzhen route, it is difficult to use the quarantine facility without a guardian, so service is limited.


  1. Step01 Application

    Apply for the service at the airport on the day of the trip
    Apply for this through reservation center within 1 day prior to the departure. (The person in charge confirms the intention of guardian to meet at the destination)
    Korean Reservation Center : 1666-3060 (+82-70-7997-3060 from overseas)

  2. Step02 Register

    Fill out the required UM document

  3. Step03 Departure airport

    Check-in counter (accompanied with the person in charge)

  4. Step04 Staff guidance in connecting flights and staff guidance at arriving airport

    Greeting area (accompanied with the staff in charge)

  • Child and his or her guardian should come to the airport, and submit required documents for the UM service. Then, please follow our staff’s guidance.
  • Personal information and contact number of guardian that is to see off/wait for the child at departure/arrival location upon service request. Also, necessary UM documents (UM travel application, guardian pledge) should be filled out.
  • The child will be provided an UM pouch, which will help airport staffs or flight attendants recognize the child.

Service charge

  • Domestic ticket: Child fare (10% discount for normal fare) Child ticket with applied or public discount + 25,000 KRW / 25 USD per service ticket
  • Adult fare applies + fare : 100,000KRW / 100 USD per route
  • In case of using domestic flights : If the discount exceeds 10% of the normal fare, a child fare (10% discount off adult fare) will be re-applied. Then, this service can be available. (Service is also available for children's tickets with public discounts)
  • For children aged between 12 and 17 who request the Unaccompanied Minors (UM) service, an additional fee of 100,000KRW / 100USD (per one-way ticket) is applicable, using the exchange rate on the day of flight.
  • ※ 1,000KRW=1USD/EUR=100JPY=7CNY=8HKD/MOP=30TWD=4MYR
  • ※ Service fares apply per person / one-way route

Detailed rule for UM of Philippines

Download Form
Unaccompanied Minors
of UM by the Philippines
Child aged between 5 and 15 who travels alone or is accompanied with an adult except their parents
Documents for entrance
  • Parent consent form notarized (English)
  • English version of resident registration
  • A copy of passport of passenger and guardian
  • Copy of Return Itinerary and Receipt (ITR)
  • Documents for entrance to a country (Application for Waiver of Exclusion Ground –W.E.G)
  • Entrance fee (PHP 3,120)
    – Subject to change
Remarks A child who accompanies his or her mother should have an English registration card
  • Upon departure and arrival, a child has to be accompanied by an adult.
  • If you apply for the service on the departure date not in advance, it may not be possible to travel.
  • Upon applying for the service at an airport, it may not be possible to provide the service depending on submission of the required documents.
  • Please check your types of ticket in advance because some services may not be available depending on the type of ticket purchased.