Reissuance of flight ticket

Reissuance of international flight ticket
  • Please contact the purchasing office or the airline company in order to calculate the difference in fare due to a change because the fare may vary depending on the original issuing office even if the reissued ticket is the same type as the previous ticket and they are issued in the same country. Also, it is because the ticket sale list in the original issuing office needs to be verified if the original issuing office (travel agency etc.) has not completed in transferring the ticketing report to the airline company.
  • If you have purchased a ticket issued in other country, please contact the branch office in the region. It may take 2~3 days (considering the time difference) because the fare calculation list needs to be verified with the original purchasing office.
Reissuance of domestic flight ticket.
  • Domestic fares vary according to boarding date, time and section, so you can issue a new ticket after refund.
  • Domestic tickets are generally valid for a year, and no further extension is possible. Therefore, you must use it within the valid period of time.
  • Also, certain tickets are valid for less than a year, there may be a limitation in relation with changes. Thus, please contact the original issuing office or sales office for details.
  • E-Ticket can be reissued without any additional charge even in case of the E-Ticket Itinerary/Receipt loss. Please ask the purchasing office to reissue the E-Ticket Itinerary/Receipt by sending your information, such as your booking record, name, FFP NBR, credit card number and itinerary. Then, please make sure to use it before the expiration date.