AIR BUSAN provides our customers with tailored services by flight.

※ We inform you that in-flight special services and other face-to-face services are temporarily suspended to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

  • Heart Greeting
  • Paid meal
  • Beverage
  • Newspaper
  • Reading Glasses
  • Nursing Cover
  • In-flight duty free
  • Romantic to greet
  • 어린이 색칠공부
  • Offer Child seat belt
출발지, 도착지 별 기내 서비스 검색
Departure ---- Korea---- In-flight service search
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출발지, 도착지 별 기내 서비스 검색
출발지, 도착지 별 기내 서비스 검색


Happy time to enjoy in the sky! HAPPY TIME IN AIRBUSAN!

Applicable for

  • International routes: All international routes except Fukuoka routes
    ※ Temporarily suspended due to COVID-19, to be re-informed
  • All domestic routes


  • After boarding the plane, you can purchase it according to the instructions of the flight attendant.
  • If you have allergy symptoms to certain foods, be sure to check the menu before boarding
    Please order.
  • Items can be sold out early and images may differ from the products provided.
  • Exchanges/returns due to simple change of mind or product image differences are not allowed.
    Requests can be made within 7 business days.
  • Depending on the route, some items may not be on sale.
  • Hot water for meals or other purposes other than purchased items, or use of the oven is prohibited.
    Please understand. (Excluding baby food)
  • Purchased products can only be eaten on board for quarantine reasons.
    For Light Meal (cup noodles, cup rice, etc.), the flight attendant pours hot water to serve.
  • Our regulations may restrict the purchase of in-flight alcoholic beverages, and drink only the alcoholic beverages provided on board
    Yes. (Available to purchase over 19 years of age)
  • Sales may vary depending on the COVID-19 situation, so please inquire with the flight attendant.
  • For more information, please click View details of Air Busan Mall .

결제 안내

  • International flights: Cash (KRW, USD, JPY, CNY) and credit cards are accepted.
    (However, cash can only be paid in a single currency, and only coins of 100 yen or more can be used in yen.)
  • Domestic flights: Only credit card payments are accepted in KRW.
  • Debit cards, debit cards, gift cards and hybrid cards are not accepted.
In-flight entertainment service (SmarTV)
In-flight entertainment service (SmarTV)
  • You can use all of AIR BUSAN's contents and entertainment service with your smartphone or tablet PC.
  • Available in Busan/Hongkong, Busan/Macao, Busan/Cebu, Busan/Danang flights. (Available flights may change depending on the situation.)
AIR BUSAN's Heart-Greeting
AIR BUSAN's Heart-Greeting
  • The AIR BUSAN's unique heart-greeting has love and trust for passengers.
    • AIR BUSAN always shares our earnest love and care with all our passengers in every moment.
    • We will always do our best to provide the very best service to all of you.
에어부산 로고
Beverage Service
  • AIR BUSAN operates in-flight Café Blue for passengers to enjoy foods and beverages.
    (International flights only)
Newspaper Service
Newspaper Service
  • Newspaper service is available for quick access to news, information, knowledge, entertainment etc. (Differ by routes)
  • AIR BUSAN reuses newspapers to support the government policy of low-carbon, green-growth.
Reading Glasses Service
Reading Glasses Service
  • In all domestic and international flights, reading glasses are available upon request for reading books or filling out the immigration form.
Nursing Cover Service
Nursing Cover Service
  • We offer a Nursing cover for women who want breast-feed during their flight.
Please ask our cabin crew.
In-flight duty free
In-flight duty free
  • You can buy in-flight duty free items conveniently such as liquor, cosmetics, perfume, gifts.

※ Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the in-flight duty-free customer center is not operating, so phone reservations cannot be made.

SEE YOU Service
SEE YOU Service
  • Before landing, our crew will thank you again for your use of Air Busan.
Romantic to greeting service
Romantic to greeting service
  • 고객님이 하기하실 때까지, 감동과 위트있는 하기 인사를 실시합니다.
어린이 색칠공부 서비스
어린이 색칠공부 서비스
  • 기내에서 색연필과 스마티 (에어부산 캐릭터)가 그려져 있는 색칠 종이를 제공합니다.
Offering seat belt cushion for child Service
Offering seat belt cushion for child Service
  • 어린이 대상 안전 벨트 착용 강조 및 편안한 여행을 위해 어린이 안전 벨트 쿠션을 제공합니다.


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