AIR BUSAN provides our customers with tailored services by flight.

  • Heart Greeting
  • In-flight meal
  • Special Meal
    (Vegetarian Meal)
  • Beverage
  • Newspaper
  • Reading Glasses
  • Nursing Cover
  • In-flight duty free
출발지, 도착지 별 기내 서비스 검색
Departure ---- Korea---- In-flight service search
Arrival ---- Korea----
출발지, 도착지 별 기내 서비스 검색
출발지, 도착지 별 기내 서비스 검색
In-flight meal service
Precautions before intake foods
  • Passengers with allergies about particular foods or similar symptoms should check the menu before boarding. (ex: meat, shrimp)
  • For peanut allergy sufferers : AIR BUSAN serves peanuts with beer service at a cost.
  • Furthermore, we cannot exclude the possibility of including peanut ingredients during cooking process and we cannot prohibit the possession and intake of other passengers. Thus, passengers with allergic sensitivity should contact and consult with doctor before flight.
출발지, 도착지로 구성된 기내식 서비스 검색입니다.
Busan In-flight meal search

Information on flights not available free in-flight meal

  • not available to round-trip : Busan/Daegu↔Fukuoka, Osaka, Tokyo(Narita)
    Busan↔Nagoya, Qingdao
  • not available to one-way : (Night) Sanya, Taipei, Da nang→to Busan/Daegu
    (Night)Xi'an, Cebu, Hong Kong, Macao, Siem reap, Guam→to Busan
  • From Jul 30, 2018

Expand services to purchase in-flight meals

  • You can purchase In-flight meals for all routes departing from Busan and Daegu (Menus are different for flights from Daegu)
  • From Jul 30, 2018

Information on BLUE CAFE

  • You can purchase meals and drinks on international flights departing from Busan and Daegu (except for Fukuoka)
  • From Jul 30, 2018
AIR BUSAN's Heart-Greeting
AIR BUSAN's Heart-Greeting
  • The AIR BUSAN's unique heart-greeting has love and trust for passengers.
    • AIR BUSAN always shares our earnest love and care with all our passengers in every moment.
    • We will always do our best to provide the very best service to all of you.
Beverage Service
Beverage Service
  • We provide refreshing tangerine juice, aloe juice, organic coffee, green tea and mineral water. (Services are different by routes)
Beer and wine are provided at a cost.
  • Item
    • Beer + Nuts + Plastic Cup 1ea
    • Wine + Nuts + Plastic cup 1ea
  • Price
    • Beer(KRW 5,000 / USD 5$ / JPY 500)
    • Wine(KRW 5,000 / USD 5$ / JPY 500)
    * You can only pay cash, and only pay in the same currency.
Newspaper Service
Newspaper Service
  • We provide newspaper service for you to have a quick access to fast changing news. We are also the first one to offer this service among new local carriers. (Services are different by routes)
  • AIR BUSAN reuses newspapers to support the government policy of low-carbon, green-growth.
  • Korean Newspaper only
Reading Glasses Service
Reading Glasses Service
  • In all domestic and international flights, reading glasses are available upon request for reading books or filling out the immigration form.
Nursing Cover Service
Nursing Cover Service
  • We offer a Nursing cover for women who want breast-feed during their flight.
Please ask our cabin crew.
In-flight duty free
In-flight duty free
  • You can buy in-flight duty free items (liquor, cosmetics, perfumes, kids supplies, gifts etc.) conveniently via duty free homepage ( , the reservation center (+82-51-320-5656), pre-order (receives on return flights).
We provide blanket at a cost in all international flights.
  • Fee - blanket : $15 / ₩15,000 / ¥1,500 / Ұ100