Information on free carry-on baggage

  • Only one piece of baggage weighing 10 kg or less with a sum of three dimensions of 115 cm (width 55 cm, depth 20 cm, height 40 cm) can be carried on board for free.
  • Baggage that is inappropriate as carry-on baggage must be checked in, and excess baggage charges will apply when checked in at the gate.Information on boarding gate consignment fees
  • In the case of an infant who does not occupy a seat, only one infant assistive device (prams, walkers, etc.) can be brought in.
  • Carry-on baggage can be stored on the cabin shelf or under the seat.
Additional carrying items
  • 1 laptop bag or small handbag (within 60 cm on 3 sides)
  • You can carry it with you as long as it does not exceed 10 kg in total with your carry-on baggage.
    Example) 1 7 kg carry-on suitcase + 1 small 3 kg handbag
    (However, assistive devices (wheelchairs, etc.) and baby products (prams, walkers, etc.) are allowed separately)

Information on free checked baggage

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Air ticket fare type

Domestic Flight
01-특가항공권, 02-실속항공권, 03-일반항공권

01 Super special fareNo

02,03 Special fare, Regular fareAdult/Child: 15 kg, Infant: None

01-특가항공권, 02-실속항공권, 03-일반항공권, 04-이벤트항공권

01,04 Super special fare, Promotion ticketNo

02,03 Special fare, Regular fareAdult/Child: 15 kg (Adult/Child: 1 piece/23 kg on US routes), Infant: 10 kg

Division Baggage Weight Maximum size
Adult/Child Infant
Domestic Flight Super special fare Not applicable
No-frills/regular ticket 15 kg No 203 cm
International Flight Special/event ticket Not applicable
No-frills/regular ticket 15 kg
(America route 23 kg/piece)
※ Busan to Ulaanbaatar,
Incheon-Vladivostok route
Until 10/29 23 kg/1
10 kg 203 cm
  • The maximum size is based on the sum of the three dimensions of the baggage (width, length, height).
  • Baggage exceeding a maximum size of 203 cm and a weight of 32 kg is not allowed to be transported, so please inquire at the Reservation Center.
    (However, even if transport is possible, a fee of KRW 10,000 (USD 10) will be collected separately from the excess baggage charge.)
  • In case of domestic flight, one infant assistance device (portable stroller, walker, car seat, carrying bassinet),
    For international flights, you can check in 10 kg of checked baggage for infants and one infant assistive device.