Seats Map

앞 좌석, 일반 좌석, 비상구 좌석

※ The above image is one of our aircraft, and the layout of seats may vary depending on flight.

※ On July 9 2018, international flights will be charged for regular seats assignment.

Details of seats

앞 좌석, 비상구 좌석, 일반석에 대한 설명입니다.
① Front seat ② Emergency exit seat ③ Regular seat
from 1st to 3rd row Emergency exit seat seats excluding ①,②

※ Only available for international flight.

Price of seat assignment (from Jul 9, 2018)

[price of one seat]

노선별 금액 안내입니다.
Front seat/
Exit-row seat
Northeast Asia Japan 15,000 1,500 90 400 100 15 300,000 700 35,000
etc. 20,000 2,000 120 550 140 20 400,000 900 45,000
Russia 20,000 2,000 120 550 140 20 400,000 900 45,000
Southeast Asia/US/Ulaanbaatar 25,000 2,500 140 700 170 25 500,000 1,200 55,000
Regular seats Northeast Asia Japan 6,000 600 25 150 35 6 120,000 350 12,000
etc. 8,000 800 45 210 55 8 160,000 400 17,000
Russia 8,000 800 45 210 55 8 160,000 400 17,000
Southeast Asia/US/Ulaanbaatar 10,000 1,000 65 270 75 10 200,000 450 22,000

※ You can only pay in local currency when you depart from foreign country.

※ Front and emergency exit seats are available at the airport for the same price, with no charge for assigning regular seats at the airport counter.


  • Door Side Tag will be provided for passengers purchased priority seats. (except for passengers purchased emergency exit seats)
    (Please note that the priority baggage delivery may not be prioritized depending on airport facilities and baggage handling circumstances.)
  • Passengers purchased front seats can enter lounge free of charge from Sep 20 to Dec 31(boarding date)
    (However, lounge use may be limited due to space constraints.)
  • Armrests cannot be raised in the first row, and bags must be stored on the shelf during take-off and landing.
  • There may be no-decline emergency seats depending on the airplane model.


  • Free seat assignment is available for domestic route.
  • Passengers who purchased international tickets prior to July 9, 2018 will also be subject to the above rates when assigning / changing seats after that date.
  • If you cancel your ticket, your additional service will be automatically canceled (refunded), you can purchase again at [my booking].
  • If you change your itinerary, your additional service remain the same, but if the same seat is already sold at the time of change, your seat assignment service is automatically canceled (refunded).
  • Passengers who are unable to follow the instructions of the crew in an emergency - such as passengers younger than 15 years, unable to communicate either korean or english, elderly or pregnant woman, accompanying infant, will not be allowed to seat on emergency exit row.view detail
  • Prepaid seats purchase and refund policy(boarding date basis)
    - ~to 2 days before departure : purchase and refund are available
    - 1 days before departure ~ departure date : cancel and refund are not available.
  • If the service is not offered due to cancellation or delay of flight, refund is available.
  • Due to regular internet system maintenance, book/change/refund services are not available from 23:50 to 00:10(Korea Standard Time) everyday. On Sundays, website is not available from 23:00 to 24:00 due to regular system check-up.

비상구열 좌석 배정 불가 손님

비상구열 좌석 배정 불가 손님

다음에 열거된 하나이상의 적합한 기능을 수행할 수 없다고 판단되는 손님은 비상구열 좌석배정이 불가 합니다.

  • 활동성, 체력 또는 양팔이나 두 손 및 양다리의 민첩성이 아래의 동작을 수행하기에 충분치 않은 승객
    • 1)

      Access to the exit or the evacuation slide control

    • 2)

      탈출용 슬라이드 조작 장치를 잡고 밀거나 당기고 돌리는 조작

    • 3)

      Open the exit by pulling or pushing it

    • 4)

      Lift the over-wing window exit or move the separated part to the next seat or row

    • 5)

      Remove an obstacle with a similar size and weight to the over-wing window exit

    • 6)

      Fast access to the exit

    • 7)

      Strike a balance in removing an obstacle

    • 8)

      Rapid escape

    • 9)

      탈출용 슬라이드 전개 또는 팽창 후 안정 유지

    • 10)

      Movement that helps a passenger get out of the slide after evacuation

  • 15세 미만이거나 동반자의 도움 없이 상기 1)~10)에 열거된 하나 이상의 역할을 수행하기에 불충분한 승객
  • 글 또는 그림의 형태로 제공된 승객 브리핑카드의 내용을 읽고 이해하지 못하거나 승무원의 구두지시를 이해하지 못하는 승객
  • 콘텍트 렌즈나 안경을 제외한 다른 시력 보조장비 없이는 상기 1)~10)에 열거된 기능을 하나 이상 수행할 수 없는 승객
  • 일반적 보청기를 제외한 다른 청력 보조장비 없이는 승무원의 탈출지시를 듣고 이해할 수 없는 승객
  • Passengers who don't have enough ability to communicate with others
  • 손님의 상태나 책임(임산부, 유아동반 등)이 상기 1)~10)의 하나 이상의 역할을 수행하는데 방해가 되는 손님 또는 이러한 역할을 수행할 경우 해를 입게 되는 승객
  • Passengers who don't want to escape with others in the event of an emergency
  • Passengers who cannot communicate in korean or english