Automatic Boarding Pass Issuance Service

  • 카운터 앞에서 기다리실 필요 없이, 쉽고 빠르게 탑승수속이 가능합니다.
  • You can select the seat you want.

Available for

  • Passenger who purchased a ticket on our website or through the reservation center.
Customers who booked/issued tickets through Asiana Airlines can use this service.

How to Use

Domestic Flight
  • Passenger who purchased a ticket on the AIR BUSAN website
  1. Step01

    항공사 선택 → 예약번호/ 바코드(모바일 탑승권)/이름으로 찾기

  2. Step02

    탑승수속 인원 선택 → 탑승권 발급

  3. Step03

    수화물 위탁

카운터에서 탑승권을 발급 받는 경우, 수수료가 부과됩니다.(‘20. 9. 1부)
International Flight
  • Passport recognition of passenger who purchased a ticket on our website or through the reservation center and travel agency.
  1. Step01 Airline Selection(AIR BUSAN)
  2. Step02 Select the number of people who check-in
  3. Step03 Passport Recognition
  4. Step04 Issuance of boarding pass
  5. Step05 Luggage Consignment

Available branch

Domestic Flight
  • Gimhae International Airport/Gimpo International Airport/Jeju International Airport
International Flight
  • Gimhae International Airport


Domestic Flight
  • If persons such as disabled/infant/child/men of national merit are subject to discounts, please present documentary evidence to the staff at automatic check-in kiosk.
  • For group reservation (10 or more people), please contact the person in charge of Self Check-in Kiosk.
  • Passengers who purchase tickets online through social commerce sites (such as Ticket Monster / Wemakeprice / Coupang, etc.) should ask to the staff at the automatic ticket kiosk.
International Flight
  • The itinerary which e-ticket is booked should be matched to the itinerary in which you actually board a plane.
  • It is available until check-in closing time (50 minutes prior to the departure).
  • Ask our staff as it may not be used in a country that requests a visa.