Baggage Liability of compensation

AIR BUSAN has a limited liability on baggage on which the company has made either international or unintentional damage while the baggage is being transported, stored, and managed.

  • The limit of liability for lost, damaged or stolen baggage due to the negligence of the airline shall be subject to the applicable agreement of the boarding route.
  • However, if your price of baggage is in excess of the compensation limit, you will be entitled to reimbursement of the baggage within the limit of the declared value after paying the closing price in advance.
If your baggage is damaged or your belongings are lost, you must notify the airline in writing within 7 days from the date of delivery of the baggage, or within 21 days from the date of airing your baggage if the baggage is delayed or lost.

However, the following cases will be excluded from or limited in the compensation in accordance with the terms of carriage depending on destination.

  • In case where the company can prove that it has taken necessary actions to prevent the damage, or it could take no action due to uncontrollable reasons.
  • When damages are the result of accidents or mistakes made by passengers
  • Damaged from over-weight or over-packing (including contents associated with damages and loss)
  • Destruction of the lock that occurred during security check or damage to the film by X-ray screening
  • Carrier is not responsible for minor scratches, nicks, dents, smudges and general wear and tear, accessories, external locks, name tags, covers, belts, etc., lost or damaged in the normal handling of baggage.
  • Goods for which transportation as checked baggage is prohibited as follows, and which shall be transported as carry-on baggage
    • Fragile or perishable items, musical instruments not in a hard case, sporting goods, etc.
    • Expensive personal electronic devices or data such as health-related medicines, notebook computers, mobile phones, camcorders, MP3 etc.
    • Precious objects difficult to determinate the price such as cash, jewels or precious metals, securities, contracts, documents, passports, ID cards, samples and valuable antiques.