Wheelchair rental

  • Free wheelchairs are available to customers who are not comfortable walking.
    • Wheelchair service is only available upon departure.
      If you require wheelchair service upon arrival, please apply for Together Service.
  • The number of wheelchairs is limited at each airport, so in-advance reservation is recommended.
  • If you need to rent, please apply in advance through the Reservations Center (1666-3060).

Customer using own wheelchair

  • You can use your own wheelchair to the boarding gate, and the wheelchair will be loaded into luggage compartment.
  • We will deliver the wheelchair to you from the destination boarding gate (subject to change due to airport conditions).
  • For electric wheelchairs, Airbusan airline's prior approval is required.
    Please contact our reservation center (1666-3060) to check the exact battery capacity and its carry-in availability.
  • If you are receiving wheelchair service, please arrive at the check-in counter early, considering the time to apply for service. (1 hour before domestic departure and 2 hours before international departure)