Eligible ticket type for a refund

Tickets initially issued by AIR BUSAN
  • If you purchased your ticket through a travel agency, you must apply for ticket refund at the travel agency from which you purchased the ticket.
  • To request a refund on the unused flight ticket departed from overseas, please contact the Reservation Center or Office where the ticket was originally issued.

Required documents for refund

  • If you visit to AIR BUSAN branch office in an airport to request a refund, the following documents are needed.
  • If a passenger’s representative paid a flight ticket in cash, please bring the representative’s photo identification and a power of attorney written by the passenger.
Mandatory documents
  • e-Ticket Itinerary/Receipt received via e-mail or fax
  • Credit card used for payment
  • an ID card with his or her photo

Refund Fee

  • You can request a refund in an AIR BUSAN office or reservation center, it takes 2~3 weeks to receive a refund because the office in which the refund request has been made should request the refund to the office in which the ticket was issued.
  • For a ticket purchased in South Korea, if the fare included a separate penalty as a refund fee, the refund will be processed in accordance with the corresponding refund policy.
  • For a ticket purchased in a foreign country, a separate penalty will be charged in accordance with the refund policy of the applied fare.
  • For international tickets purchased in South Korea, all flight tickets will be charged with the refund penalty except the government commissioned transport ticket, free ticket, and ticket for infants.
Currency for refund
  • A refund will be paid in the currency of the country where the refund service is processed or in the currency at the time of purchasing.
  • A refund to be paid out in Korea will be paid in KRW even if you have purchased your ticket in a foreign currency (USD, JPY) according to the foreign exchange regulations of Korea
  • A ticket issued in Korea will not be refunded in a foreign currency abroad. You must appoint your representative and inform us of your bank account in Korea.

Receiving a refund

  • A refund will be paid only to the passenger indicated in the ticket or the passenger’s representative.
Receive refund charge of flight ticket purchased in cash
  • Depending on the amount, a refund will be issued to you or
    your own bank account which you designated after you submit a copy of ID and bankbook. However, refund period can vary depending on each region
To receive a refund for a ticket purchased with a credit card
  • Refunds for tickets purchased by credit card are transferred to the issuer after approval and are paid in accordance with the regulations of credit card company. Please contact your credit card company regarding the period of receipt (normally, after 2~5 business days).
  • Refund period can vary depending on each company of card.
  • If you used your credit card to purchase a ticket, the refund can only be credited back to your credit card.
  • Even if you have closed your credit card account used at the time of purchase, the refund will be issued to the previously used account.