Special Baggage

Special baggage information

  • If the checked baggage is oversized baggage (more than 203 cm on three sides) or sports equipment, a special baggage fee will be charged.
    (one-way basis, excess baggage charge will be charged separately)
  • Special baggage can only be accepted if it is securely packed in a special case or box to prevent the contents from being damaged during transport.
    (Sports equipment that is not in a dedicated case cannot be compensated for damage)
  • It may take a lot of time to receive special baggage, so we recommend that you check in with plenty of time.
Special Baggage Fee
Sports Equipment
(per set)
10,000 10 1,000 70 80 300 220,000 500 22,000 40
Large Luggage
(per dog)

Reporting system of high-priced articles

  • If you pay a small fee only for our flight routes, you can be guaranteed up to the amount reported when compensating for damage.
  • Fee (closed price): USD 0.5 per USD 100 declared (maximum USD 2,500)
  • There must be a basis for proving the declared amount, and for additional information, please inquire at the time of baggage claim.

Sports Equipment Transport Guide

  • 1 set of sports equipment Scope: 1 piece of standard baggage + Sports Equipment
  • If you check in two or more sets of sports equipment, you will be charged a fee according to the excess baggage policy.
Division sports equipment configuration
Bicycle 1 bike
ski 1 pair of skis, 1 pair of ski poles, 1 pair of ski boots
snowboard 1 snowboard, 1 pair of boots
water skiing 1 pair of water skis
surfboard 1 surfboard (longest side less than 2.5 m)
scuba diving Empty Scuba Tank, Fins, Knife, Pressure Gauge, Regulator, Safety Vest, Spear Gun, Weight Belt
  • Example 1)

    When carrying 13 kg/1 standard carrier + 10 kg/1 piece of sports equipment

    1) Domestic Flight
    KRW 10,000 (special baggage fee) + KRW 16,000 (over 8 kg*KRW 2,000) = KRW 26,000

    2) International (China route)
    KRW 10,000 (special baggage fee) + KRW 112,000 (over 8 kg*KRW 14,000) = KRW 122,000

  • Example 2)

    When carrying 15 kg/1 standard carrier + 17 kg/1 standard carrier + 15 kg/1 piece of sports equipment

    1) Domestic Flight
    KRW 10,000 (special baggage fee) + KRW 64,000 (over 32 kg*KRW 2,000) = KRW 74,000

    2) International (China route)
    KRW 10,000 (special baggage fee) + KRW 448,000 (over 32 kg*KRW 14,000) = KRW 458,000

    3) International flight(U.S.)
    KRW 10,000 (special baggage charge) + KRW 50,000 (excess piece charge) + KRW 50,000 (23-32 kg excess weight) = KRW 110,000

Golf Equipment Transport Guide

  • 1 set of golf equipment includes: 1 standard bag + 1 golf bag
  • If the weight of one set exceeds the free baggage allowance, or if two or more sets of golf equipment are checked in, a fee will be charged according to the excess baggage policy.
  • Please see the Excess Baggage page for details.Excess Baggage Information

Large Musical Instruments Transport Guide

  • If you bring bulky or fragile musical instruments, such as cellos, on board, you will be charged a separate seat fee for the musical instrument. (not included in free baggage allowance)
  • If you would like to bring a large musical instrument into the cabin, please make a reservation and issue a ticket for the musical instrument through the reservation center. (For large musical instrument reservations, there may be ticket types available for each route)
  • For large musical instrument seats, the same fare as that of passengers accompanying musical instruments applies, and fuel surcharges and airport facility usage fees are not collected. (However, special price and event tickets are not applicable)