Please note that special baggage is easy to bend or break during transport because its shape and size are different from normal baggage. Therefore, you should pack your special baggage solidly in a special container or box for consignment. Especially, sports equipment that is not packed in hard case(special case) will not be compensated in case of breakage or damage. The process of consiging special baggage will take some time. Please come earlier to the airport and proceed the check-in.

Reporting system of high-priced articles

  • AIR BUSAN operates “Ad Valorem duties” that guarantees the compensation of a reported item’s value upon loss or damage of the item, if a fixed extra fee, limited to our flight routes, is paid by the passenger.
  • Passenger must be able to provide a supporting evidence for any reported item value, and the maximum value of an item to be reported is limited up to USD 2,500. “Ad Valorem duties” is calculated as USD 0.50 per USD 100 of reported value. For further details, please contact our staff at the check-in counter.

Large musical instrument

  • As a large or fragile instrument, such as a cello etc., will occupy an extra seat when carried in the cabin, the passenger must pay an additional fare for the baggage seat.
  • This type of baggage will not be included in your free baggage allowance.
  • Passengers who want to bring a large musical instrument in flight, please purchase an additional flight ticket for instrument in advance via our reservation center.
    (There may have specified types of tickets available for large musical instrument by routes.
  • The price of ticket for large musical instrument is the same with that of passenger who brings the instrument. Fuel surcharge and airport facility fee will not be charged.
    However, special price(A)/promotional flight tickets(F) are not applicable.

Golf equipment

  • Special charge will be imposed on a golf set per a passenger. Therefore, it can be transported cheaper than normal baggage.
    • Range of application(1 set) : 1 Boston bag, 1 Golf bag containing golf club
    • For equipment exceeds the free baggage allowance (2 sets or more), the excess baggage charge will be imposed same as normal baggage.
    • If the weight of 1 set of golf equipment exceeds free baggage allowance(Dom 20kg/Int'l 25kg), charge will be paid for the excess weight according to the excess baggage policy.
    • Box for packaging golf club is provided at a cost. Price : KRW3,000(JPY300/CNY15/USD3)

There is another criteria for US route.

  • Ex1)

    Travel luggage 5kg, Golf bag 10kg, Boston bag 5kg : Free(Dom/Int'l)

  • Ex2)

    Travel luggage 10kg , Golf bag 10kg, Boston bag 5kg : Excess baggage charge for 5kg(Dom)/Free(Int'l)

  • Ex3)

    Travel luggage 10kg , Golf bag 10kg, Boston bag 10kg
    : Excess weight charge for 10kg(Dom)/Excess weight charge(60,000KRW) for baggage that total weights 24~32kg(Int'l)

Sports Equipments

  • Charge will be imposed on sports equipment such as bicycle, surfboard, ski, snowboard, scuba diving equipment, etc., and charge will be imposed separately on the excess baggage that occurs when your free baggage allowance(Domestic 15kg / International 20kg) is exceeded.
  • Charge : KRW10,000/USD10 per 1 set
  • Range of application (1 set) : a pair of ski, ski pole, ski boots/ 1 snowboard, a pair of boots / a pair of water ski / 1 surfboard / Empty Scuba Tank, Fins, Knife, Pressure Gauge, Regulator, Safety Vest, Spear Gun, Weight Belt

Maximum length of surfboard on board : 2m 50cm(8.2ft)

Special charges are based on one-way itinerary.

  • Ex)

    If you carry one 13kg carrier and one 10kg sports equipment

    1) Domestic Flight
    : 10,000KRW(Special baggage fee) + 16,000KRW(8kg excess fee, 8kg × 2,000KRW) = 26,000KRW

    2) International flight(Japan)
    : 10,000KRW(Special baggage fee) + 30,000KRW(excess fee) = 40,000KRW