About airbusan lounge (AIRBUSAN LOUNGE)

AIR BUSAN is the first LCC to operate a lounge at Gimhae International Airport.

Feel free to take a trip before heading to the AIR BUSAN Lounge with simple snacks and drinks before boarding the aircraft.

Lounge fee Air Busan Lounge Service Renewal Event 2019.10.01 ~

  • Air Busan Lounge fee (adult / child) : $ 25 → Event special price : 18,000 KRW
  • Air Busan Lounge fee (infant) : Free
  • Offline purchases are available at the Air Busan ticket counter at Gimhae International Airport.

Information on lounge

  • Location : Gimhae international airport international departure hall 3F
  • Opening hour : 06:00~22:00
  • Services
    • Snacks and beverages
    • places to rest
    • Free WIFI
  • AIR BUSAN Lounge is available for passengers who purchased SMART UP, PREMIUM Bundle for International flights departing from Busan.
    (It may be difficult to provide services depending on the situation.)
  • Air Busan Lounge Free Offer Event for customers who purchased the front seat of international flight departed from Busan was finished on 19.04.01(based on boarding date)

Lounge Use Notice

  • Online purchases can be refunded up to 2 days before departure and can not be canceled / refunded on the departure date of 1 day before departure.
  • Purchasing at airport is available on the day of departure
  • Only international passengers are allowed to use the Air Busan Lounge in the Gimhae international airport
  • On Air Busan Flight Departure day, Lounge is available after taking Air Busan International Flight Boarding Pass.
  • When using Air Busan Lounge, please present your international boarding pass and passport.
  • Child/Infant must bring with their documents that can confirm their date of birth. (Free admission for infants under 24 months)
  • When booking Air Busan Lounge, the service will be provided to only you and non-transferable
  • Please note that if the Air Busan Lounge is full, your admission may be limited.
  • If the lounge is not available due to circumstances, it will be refunded in full and will not be refunded for non-use due to personal reasons.

Priority Pass (PP) user guide

  • Priority Pass passengers with the following airline boarding passes can access the Air Busan Lounge.
  • THAI
  • T’WAY