Information on lounge (AIRBUSAN LOUNGE)

AIR BUSAN is the first LCC to operate a lounge at Gimhae International Airport.

Feel free to take a trip before heading to the AIR BUSAN Lounge with simple snacks and drinks before boarding the aircraft.

  • Location : Gimhae international airport international departure hall 3F
  • Opening hour : 06:00~22:00
  • Services
    • Snacks and beverages
    • places to rest
    • Free WIFI
  • Passengers purchased PREMIUM Bundle for flights from Busan can enter lounge free of charge.
    (It may be difficult to provide services depending on the situation.)
  • ⟨부산발 국제선 앞 좌석 구매 시 에어부산 라운지 무료제공⟩ 이벤트는 탑승일 기준 '19.04.01 부 종료되었습니다.