Passengers with Medical Assistance

For your safe travel, passengers who are likely to be in danger during travel, such as communicable diseases, severe injuries, heart disease, etc., please inform us during your reservation (1666-3060) and submit a doctor’s note to AIR BUSAN.

Standard of issuing doctor’s note

For your safe travel, AIR BUSAN's prior approval is required. So please inform us when you make reservation, and submit a doctor’s note to AIR BUSAN until 2 days before departure date.

  • Patients suffering from cardiac infarction, angina, cardiac insufficiency and other cardiovascular disorders.
  • Patients suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, pneumonia, pneumothorax and other respiratory disorders
  • Patients with stroke, brain tumor and other neurologic disorder
  • Passengers who received a surgery recently
  • Patients who are currently hospitalized or has disorder that requires constant treatment
  • Patients with acute infectious disorder and other contagious disorder
  • Passengers who have uncontrolled mental illness
  • Passengers who need to be supplied with oxygen during flight or use of special medical equipments
  • In case passengers who have diabetes or allergies carry a syringe for medical purposes
  • If a medical device such as an artificial pacemaker, an insulin pump, or a spinal stimulator is inserted into the body for therapeutic purposes.


Even if the required documents are submitted, carriage may be denied if the passenger’s health is deemed to be unsuitable for travel on the departing day.