Required preparation

  • Make sure to carry your identification card as it presents your personal information, guarantees your identification and can be used for various purposes.
  • Most of the countries allow people to travel only when their passport expiration date remains more than 6 months as of the first day of trip.
  • A passport without a signature of bearer is not recognized as valid in some countries. Therefore, please sign in the space designated for signature.
Restrictions such as expiry date of passport are different from each country. AIR BUSAN has no responsibility on arrival visa, passport or travel information. Please make sure to check relevant information by each country’s embassy or consulate before ticket issuance.
  • Some countries may require VISAs for entry, so please CHECK in advance.
Confirmation note of E-ticket
  • If you submit ID card of passenger and itinerary/receipt, you can check-in quickly.

Check-in procedure

  1. Step01 Airport Arrival
  2. Step02 Check-in
  3. Step03 Departure procedure
  4. Step04 Boarding
Step1 Airport Arrival
  • Domestic Flight : We encourage you to arrive at the airport 40 minutes before the departure
  • International Flight : We encourage you to arrive at the airport 2 hours before the departure
Step2 Check-in
  • Domestic Flight : The check-in process is ended 20 minutes before the departure
  • International Flight : The check-in process is completed 40 minutes before the departure
  • If you have not completed the procedure within the check-in time, boarding is not possible.
Step3 Departure procedure
  • Customs declaration: Check high-priced and prohibited items and declare them if you have those items.
  • Security checkpoint: check if there are restricted or dangerous items
  • Ministry of Justice : Judge people's qualifications for immigration.
  • Automatic immigration inspection : Enter through the gate by recognizing the side of personal data of passport at automatic immigration checkpoint. Then, pass the checkpoint by verifying your identification by your fingerprints.
Step4 Boarding
  • Please make it to your departure gate in time after immigration procedures. Be careful not to be late at the boarding gate that closes 10 minutes before departure.
  • For domestic flights, boarding starts 20 minutes before departure and closes 5 minutes before departure.
  • For international flights, started 30 minutes before the departure, closed 10 minutes before the departure