What is a Busan-Gimpo Commuter Pass?

When purchasing a Busan-Gimpo commuter pass, it is a program that allows you to use the Busan-Gimpo commuter pass unlimitedly without any itinerary change fee with a 99% discount for the period you want.

The price of the AIR BUSAN PASS

30-Day Pass : 500,000KRW

90-Day Pass : 1,500,000KRW

180-Day Pass : 3,000,000KRW

When a customer who purchases a commuter pass purchases a Busan-Gimpo commuter pass,

Subscription amount
Division Weekdays 주말 Peak season
Fare 66,000KRW 78,000KRW 86,000KRW
With 99% discount off 660KRW 780KRW 860KRW
fuel tax + airport tax 7,300KRW 7,300KRW 7,300KRW
총운임 7,960KRW 8,080KRW 8,160KRW

Note: total amount (one-way) effective to the ticket issued from Jul 1, 2021

Itinerary change fee preferential benefit

Subscription amount
Division Point of Change existing regulations fee preferential
Change Fee The day after purchase ~ 15 days before departure 3,000KRW exemption
14 days before departure ~ 3 days before departure 5,000KRW exemption
2 days before departure ~ 1 day before departure 10,000KRW exemption
On the day of departure ~ 20 minutes before departure 12,000KRW exemption
No-Show Fee
(No-Show Fee)
출발 20분 전 이후 ~ 15,000KRW Ticketing fare (published fare 1%)

* Refund fee: Only fuel tax and airport tax will be refunded after the issued airfare (1% of regular fare) fee is collected

이용 및 탑승기간

  • During the purchase period of 30/90/180 days including system registration date*
    * 시스템 등록일(구매처별 상이)
    : 공항 구매 시 구매일 + 1영업일 (오전 11시 이후부터 이용 가능)
    : 예약센터 구매 시 최초 출발일 (접수일로부터 일주일 이내만 가능)

How to purchase


Purchase of the AIR BUSAN PASS
through the vendors
판매처: 예약센터, 김해/김포공항 내 에어부산 공항카운터


Log in to AIR BUSAN website - 개인 탭에서는 할인 운임 조회 불가
- (영업일 기준) 익일 오전 11시부터 기업회원으로 등록
- 기업회원으로 등록된 이후에는
자동으로 기업회원으로 설정


99% 할인된 항공권 예약/발권 기업회원 '항공권 예약'에서 예약 발권


  • Refund of the AIR BUSAN PASS
    - 유효기간 내 중도 환불 : 기 사용한 항공권에 대하여 산출된 금액주1)을 차감 후 잔액 환불
    - Refund after the expiration date of the validity period: Within 90% of the subscription price, the balance can be refunded after deducting the amount mentioned in Note 1)
    - 환불 접수 후 담당자 심사 후 손님 계좌로 환불 (영업일 기준 10일 이내)
    - EX)When a customer who purchased a 30-day pass with 500,000 won wants a refund after using it once on a weekend
     Weekend use: 780 won (discounted fare) + 2,200 won (fuel surcharge) + 4,000 won (airport tax) = 6,980 won
     Refund deducted: 78,000 won (regular fare) - 780 (paid fare) = 77,220 won
     Refund amount: 500,000 won - 77,220 won = 422,780 won

     주1) 기 사용한 항공권에 대하여 공시운임으로 계산
  • Exceptions to the Lunar New Year’s Chuseok period
    - 명절연휴기간은 할인기간에서 제외되며, 제외된 만큼의 유효기간은 자동연장됩니다. Check out the peak season for domestic flights

항공권 규정

  • Applicable route: Busan-Gimpo
  • Refund: Only fuel tax and airport tax will be refunded after the issued airfare (1% of regular fare) fee is collected
  • Itinerary change fee: Exempted 20 minutes before departure
  • Flight dates and schedules are subject to government approval and are subject to change without prior notice.
  • All other conditions are the same as for domestic flights.