What is a Busan-Gimpo Commuter Pass?

When purchasing a Busan-Gimpo commuter pass, it is a program that allows you to use the Busan-Gimpo commuter pass unlimitedly without any itinerary change fee with a 99% discount for the period you want.

The price of the AIR BUSAN PASS

30-Day Pass : 500,000KRW

90-Day Pass : 1,500,000KRW

180-Day Pass : 3,000,000KRW

When a customer who purchases a commuter pass purchases a Busan-Gimpo commuter pass,

Subscription amount
Division Weekdays weekend Peak season
Fare 66,000KRW 78,000KRW 86,000KRW
With 99% discount off 660KRW 780KRW 860KRW
fuel tax + airport tax 7,300KRW 7,300KRW 7,300KRW
총운임 7,960KRW 8,080KRW 8,160KRW

Note: total amount (one-way) effective to the ticket issued from Jul 1, 2021

Itinerary change fee preferential benefit

Subscription amount
Division Point of Change existing regulations fee preferential
Change Fee The day after purchase ~ 15 days before departure 3,000KRW exemption
14 days before departure ~ 3 days before departure 5,000KRW exemption
2 days before departure ~ 1 day before departure 10,000KRW exemption
On the day of departure ~ 20 minutes before departure 12,000KRW exemption
No-Show Fee
(No-Show Fee)
After 20 minutes before departure 15,000KRW Ticketing fare (published fare 1%)

* Refund fee: Only fuel tax and airport tax will be refunded after the issued airfare (1% of regular fare) fee is collected

Usage and boarding period

  • During the purchase period of 30/90/180 days including system registration date*
    * System registration date (varies by purchase location)
    : When purchasing at the airport, purchase date + 1 business day (available after 11 am)
    : When purchasing at the reservation center, the first departure date (available within one week from the date of receipt)

How to purchase


Purchase of the AIR BUSAN PASS
through the vendors
Vendor: Reservation Center, Air Busan Airport Counter in Gimhae/Gimpo Airport


Log in to AIR BUSAN website - Discounted fares cannot be viewed in the personal tab
- (Based on business days) Register as a corporate member from 11 am the next day
- After registration as a corporate member
Automatically set as corporate member


99% discount on ticket reservation/issue Reservation and issuance at 'Air ticket Reservation' for corporate members


  • Refund of the AIR BUSAN PASS
    - Mid-term refund within the validity period: Refund of the balance after deducting the amount calculated for the used ticket Note 1)
    - Refund after the expiration date of the validity period: Within 90% of the subscription price, the balance can be refunded after deducting the amount mentioned in Note 1)
    - After receiving the refund, the person in charge will review it and refund it to the customer's account (within 10 business days)
    - EX)When a customer who purchased a 30-day pass with 500,000 won wants a refund after using it once on a weekend
     Weekend use: 780 won (discounted fare) + 2,200 won (fuel surcharge) + 4,000 won (airport tax) = 6,980 won
     Refund deducted: 78,000 won (regular fare) - 780 (paid fare) = 77,220 won
     Refund amount: 500,000 won - 77,220 won = 422,780 won

     Note 1) Calculated as the published fare for an already used ticket
  • Exceptions to the Lunar New Year’s Chuseok period
    - Holidays and holidays are excluded from the discount period, and the excluded period of validity is automatically extended. Check out the peak season for domestic flights

Ticket Rules

  • Applicable route: Busan-Gimpo
  • Refund: Only fuel tax and airport tax will be refunded after the issued airfare (1% of regular fare) fee is collected
  • Itinerary change fee: Exempted 20 minutes before departure
  • Flight dates and schedules are subject to government approval and are subject to change without prior notice.
  • All other conditions are the same as for domestic flights.