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My Booking
* Please write the name of the passenger (Korean/English). (Up to 9 people)
* When searching for two or more people, please enter a comma (,) between the names of passengers. (Do not use spaces after commas)
   Example) Search for 2 or more people: Hong Gil-dong, Kim Busan,...
* If you made a reservation in English, please write in the order of last name/first name.
   Example) 1 person inquiry: HONG / GILDONG
   Example) Search for 2 or more people: HONG/GILDONG,KIM/BUSAN,···
  • You can purchase additional services on the [My booking] page.
  • Additional services are not automatically refunded if you change or cancel your itinerary purchased on any channel other than AIR BUSAN's homepage/mobile. (ex. codeshare flights, travel agency sites, etc.). Please change/cancel additional service yourself through our homepage and reservation center.
  • For Asiana Airlines codeshare flights, this service is not available if you changed the itinerary after the initial ticketing (including route change and simple discount rate change).
  • Travel agents may not be available depending on the purchase channel.
  • Internet boarding pass service is not available for customers who are subject to individual fare discounts and have applied for services that require employee confirmation (children traveling alone, pets traveling alone, together service, wheelchair application, etc.)
  • Codeshare of Asiana Airlines customers should check the AIR BUSAN reservation number on the Asiana Airlines homepage.