Available for

  • This In flight duty-free service is limited to Busan / Incheon international routes.

Duty Free Pre-Order Service

  • Duty free item pre-order service will allow our customers to purchase duty free items more conveniently without having inconvenience such as sold out if you make reservation in advance and receive during the flight.
  • You can order via Internet (Duty Free Shopping website)/Telephone /Return flight pre-order form. Passengers whose flight code-shares with Asiana Airlines also can use the Air Busan duty free website.

Reservation method


  • How to order : Visit our duty free shopping website and order the product
    ·Flights departing from Korea - In-flight pick-up service is available when orders are made 48 hours before departure.
    ·Flights arriving in Korea - In-flight pick-up service is available when orders are made 53 hours before arrival.
  • Product delivery : Pay and receive the products ordered during the flight.

Pre-order form for return flight

  • How to order : On your outbound flight, fill out the pre-order form in the seat pocket located in front of your seat and hand it to the cabin crew. Minimum 48 hours are required between your outward flight arrival time and return flight departure time.
  • Product delivery : on your return flight, hand the pre-order confirmation to the cabin crew, pay and receive the products ordered.
  • If you change itinerary, in-flight pick-up service is available only when orders are made 48 hours before departure / 53 hours before arrival.

Announcement on the increased tax exemption on belongings of international travelers

  • Duty-free allowances on belongings of international travelers increased from September 5, 2014. Enjoy your Duty-free shopping with AIR BUSAN.
Applicable date and items
: The increased tax exemption will be applicable to belongings of a passenger entering Korea from September 5th 2014.
  • Before

    USD 400

  • After

    USD 600