Together service is provided for passengers who need help at the airport.


  1. Step01 Application

    Apply in advance

  2. Step02 Register

    Complete and Confirm of application registration

  3. Step03 Departure airport

    Staff service
    -Assigned seats, baggage check-in and gate information

  4. Step04 Boarding

    Airplane Boarding

  5. Step05 Arrival Airport

    Staff service
    -Priority baggage claim, intoducing guide to where to wait for pick-ups

Apply for service
  • Apply in advance through the Reservation Center. (1666-3060)
  • Apply for the very day at the airport counter

If you apply at the airport on the same day, the service may be delayed.

Available for

  • Customers unfamiliar with airplane riding
  • Senior customers traveling alone
  • Customers with two or more children
  • Customers who need to accompany airline staff

Service charge

  • Service fee is charged for customers ticketing after November,1st 2019
This is the fee for the Together service, which consists of the fee and services provided.
Fees Services
Domestic Flight International Flight Airport departure assistance
30,000 KRW
(USD 30)
50,000 KRW
(USD 50)
Arrival Assistance at Arrival Airport
Reserved seats provided
Priority baggage claim

※ Please note that the priority baggage delivery may not be prioritized depending on airport facilities and baggage handling circumstances.


  • Together service provides an immediate staff’s assistance from the time of arrival at the counter.
  • Together service is a service to help you board and enter.
  • It is not possible to carry out or accompany a private business. [Example: Duty free shopping, meal assistance, personal baggage service, etc.]
  • If you need Together service, please fill out the registration form at airport first. Also, you should wear the Together service tag offered at the airport until the end of service.
  • You will be guided to the greeting area. However, this service does not confirm whether you have met waiting party or whether you have taken any transportation.
  • For Vladivostok route, together service is not available.