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  • Which in-flight meals are served on AIR BUSAN flights?

    Please follow the URL below You can order your in-flight meal in advance.

    Thank you.

  • Do you offer special meals for child/infant?

    For infants, we don't offer in-flight meals.

    Also, there are no special meals for children.

    Children and adults are offered the same meals.

  • How can I withdraw from the membership?

    The process for membership withdrawal is as follows;

    1) Click “My Page” at the top of the right on the homepage, and click the “Edit” button next to 'My Information'.

    2) Click the “Withdrawal from membership” button at the bottom of the left.

  • If my itinerary includes connecting flights, how are the stamps applied to stamp flight tickets?

    For connecting flights between international and domestic routes,

    the stamps shall be applied to each route according to the rules on using stamps by routes.
    (Example: Gimpo → Busan → Osaka → Busan → Gimpo, 100 stamps shall be needed in total)

  • Can I book for infant and child as stamp flight ticket?

    No, FLY&STAMP is for passengers who are over 14 years old.

    Therefore, infants and children shall not be able to use stamp flight tickets.

  • What is the maximum length of stay when using stamp flight ticket?

    The maximum length of stay when using stamp flight ticket is up to 3 months from the departure date.

  • Are there any restricted period for stamp flight ticket?

    No, you can use stamp flight ticket all year round regardless of regular or peak season.

    However, availability on seats depends on your date of purchase.

  • Can somebody else use my stamp flight ticket?

    No, the stamp flight ticket shall be available for your use (boarding) only, and transferring the ticket is not allowed.

  • Can I book a stamp flight ticket first and pay for it later?

    No, the stamp flight ticket shall be booked and purchased at the same time; otherwise, the booking shall be automatically cancelled.

  • My stamp flight ticket has been expired. Can I get a refund?

    For a stamp flight ticket after its expiration date, the airport taxes and fuel surcharges shall be refunded, but the applied stamps shall not be refunded.
  • I had issued a stamp flight ticket but it was not able to board on plane. Can I get a refund?

    Yes, you can get the refund.

    Within the expiration date of the stamp flight ticket, only for the unused ticket after its departure date, you can get the refund.

  • After I book and issue a stamp flight ticket, how do I change itinerary or refund the tickets?

    You shall not change your itinerary on the bonus flight ticket; therefore, please refund the ticket first and get a new ticket re-issued.
    When you refund the stamp flight ticket, airport taxes and fuel surcharges shall be fully refunded in currency, and any applied stamps shall be refunded in stamps.

    Rules on stamp refund upon refunding stamp flight ticket are as follows;
    - Unexpired stamp on the date of refund: Eligible for refund

    (The existing expiration date shall remain unchanged.)
    - Expired stamp on the date of refund: Eligible for refund

    (However, the expiration date of the stamp shall be extended once and up to three days after the date of refund, and the stamp will be expired after the extended date.)


    For example, if the date of refund is March 1st, the expiration date of an expired stamp can be extended to March 4th for only one time.

  • If I book stamp flight ticket, shall I pay fuel surcharge and airport tax?

    Upon using stamp flight ticket, you are responsible to pay for public utilities' charge such as taxes, security checking fees, airport taxes etc. and surcharges such as fuel surcharges.

  • What is the valid period of stamp flight ticket?

    The valid period of booking when using stamp flight tickets is 6 months.

  • What is the expiration date of stamp flight ticket?

    The expiration date of stamp flight ticket is 6 months from the issuing date of the ticket, and you shouldl complete your itinerary before the expiration date.

  • Where can I buy stamp flight ticket using my stamps?

    You can book and issue your stamp flight ticket through AIR BUSAN's homepage/mobile.
    (Not allowed through reservation center/airport counter)

  • What is “Corporate Advantage Program”?

    Corporate Advantage Program helps the business management of our member companies by providing executives and employees with discounted fares for AIR BUSAN throughout a year. Ticketing for personal travels as well as for business travels of the employees can be benefited from this discount program.

    You can join as our corporate member at AIR BUSAN homepage.

  • If I use my ID and purchase flight tickets for myself and accompanying passengers, can I store all the stamps to my account?

    No, you can't store all the stamps to your account.
    Only the stamps corresponding to your flight ticket will be stored to your account.
    If they want to store their stamps, they have to sign up for AIR BUSAN homepage membership and open their own accounts.

  • Can I store stamps with my unused flight tickets?

    No, the stamps shall only be stored after boarding; therefore, you shall not be able to store the stamps with the unused tickets.
  • I am a corporate advantage member. Can I have a discount on the fare and store the stamps at the same time?

    Yes, we offer the stamps along with a discount on the fare for the corporate advantage members.
    However, stamps will be stored to individual member's account, not to the corporate account.

  • Can I transfer stamps to others?

    Yes, you can transfer the stamps up to 3 members who have been registered to your account as transferor/ree.

    However, you can only transfer up to 5 stamps for a year and purchased stamps are not transferable.

    Please check "FLY&STAMP > STAMP purchase/refund" for more details.

  • Can I purchase stamps?

    Yes, you can purchase stamps in [FLY&STAMP] > [STAMP purchase/refund].

    The price of a stamp is KRW 4,000 (excluding tax) and you can buy up to 40 stamps.

    Purchased stamps shall be used up to 25% of required stamps for issuing a stamp flight ticket for each route.

  • If I book flight tickets for others with my ID, who will earn the stamps?

    The stamps will always provide to the passengers(members) who will be on board.
  • I have purchased tickets and boarded as a non-member. Can I restore stamps to my account later?

    Although you have purchased your tickets as a non-member, you are allowed to restore the stamps if you sign up for AIR BUSAN's homepage membership after boarding on the plane.

    Sign up for AIR BUSAN's homepage member and store the stamps in "FLY&STAMP > Restore missing Stamp."

  • I would like to restore missing stamps but I don't know my flight ticket number. How can I store stamps?

    You can view your history of purchasing tickets and boarding records through [My Booking > Status/Change/Refund].

  • I did not store stamps when I booked my ticket. How do I restore those stamps?

    You can restore your stamps through " FLY&STAMP - My Stamp - Restore Missing Stamp."
    However, you shall be allowed to restore your stamps only within 90 days after boarding, so please be aware of this time limit.
  • Could you inform me how I earn stamps when I book flights?

    In order to earn stamps, you must enter each passenger's name and phone number in the page "Passenger information" when you book your ticket.
    You shall enter the same name and mobile phone number as they appear on the 'my page'.
    If your accompanying passengers are also AIR BUSAN's members, they shall enter their names and phone numbers as they appear on the 'my page'.

  • When stamps will be stored in my account after purchasing?

    The stamps will be automatically added to your account at 8:00 AM on the next day of boarding date. In case that you purchase tickets but fail on board, you shall not earn the stamps.

  • How many stamps can I earn by routes?

    The number of stamps stored by routes are as follows (based on one way trip);

    Route Stored Stamps
    All domestic routes (One-way trip) 1
    Busan-Fukuoka, Osaka 2

    Busan-Tokyo, Qingdao, Yanji, Xi'an,
    Zhangjiajie, Taipei, Kaohsiung, Sapporo

    Busan - Hong Kong, Macau 4

    Busan - Cebu, Siem Reap, Da Nang, Guam

  • Can I earn stamps from all types of flight tickets?


    No, the following flight tickets are not eligible for earning the stamps.

    - For domestic route: Affordable flight ticket, discounted flight ticket (50% or more discount rate), event flight ticket, stamp flight ticket
    - For international route: Event flight ticket, stamp flight ticket

    ※ Travel agency advantage program flight ticket is also not eligible for earning the stamps.

  • Will stamps be stored when purchasing flight tickets only via homepage?

    You can only store stamps when you purchase flight tickets via our homepage.
    Purchasing flight tickets via travel agency, airport and reservation center etc. are not eligible for earning the stamps.

  • Can I get online discount when booking on the Reservation Center?

    Discount is not offered for booking through the Reservation Center.
    Also, online discount cannot be applied when you buy a ticket online after booking it on the Reservation Center or at an airport branch.

    Online discount benefit is possible only when both reservation and purchase are done on the Internet.

  • Can a child board alone?

    In case that a child travels alone, UM(Unaccompanied Minor) service is available.

    In this service, our staff can accompany with the child on board and take safely from the guardian on departure to one upon arrival.

    You should apply for the service through the Reservation Center(1666-3060) at least 7 days prior to departure, and guardians must be present at the airports on both departure and arrival.

  • From when can I make a reservation before departure date?

    Booking a flight ticket can be possible 354 days before departure date.

  • Despite my reservation, why the number of available seats is still “9”?

    Reservation is divided into individual booking and group booking according to the number people.

    Individual booking indicates reservation for up to 9 or less people in a party, and group booking indicates that for 10 or more people.

    The number of available seats is shown up to 9, which is the maximum for individual booking even though they actually remain more than 10 seats.

    When the number of available seats is less than nine, the actual number of remained seats is shown.

  • Is there mileage program in partnership with Asiana Airlines?

    Asiana Airlines' mileage can be earned for tickets issued by Asiana Airlines.

  • What are prohibited items for carry-on?

    You can check the prohibited items for carry-on at [Service Information > Baggage > Restricted items to be transported].

  • Can I just book online and purchase the ticket later?

    Online booking requires booking and purchasing tickets at the same time.

    Issuing tickets via the Internet aims to make our customers convenient in using seats as well as reduce the nonpayment rates of domestic routes.

    Online booking provides various Internet discounts during special periods and is available round the clock.
  • I lost my ID/Password. How can I find them?

    Click the “Login” button at the top of the right on the homepage, and click “Find ID / Find Password".


  • Is it possible to change passenger’s name?

    In case of the following, changing passenger’s name which is already booked is impossible.

    – When the last name is misspelled or the first and last names are wrong.
    – When you want to change the name into that of another customer.

    If you want to change passenger’s name, please make a reservation again with the other name that you want after cancelling the original reservation.
    Only when the name is partly misspelled, however, modification is possible.
    But it is impossible in the period of national holidays and peak seasons, and when the seats are fully occupied.
    The standards above are applied to every airline in order to prevent abuse and misuse of reservations.

    To reduce inconvenience after making a reservation, please check the records(name, itinerary) carefully on the time of reservation.

  • Can a pregnant woman board on a plane?

    Women in pregnancy for shorter than 32 weeks (8 months)
    Except those who receive recommendations from doctor to do not travel on board, traveling by plane is possible as ordinary people.

    Women in pregnancy for 32 weeks or longer and shorter than 37 weeks
    Those passengers are allowed to travel if they satisfy the below requirements.
    Those passengers must submit one original or copy of the obstetrician’s medical certificate issued within 7days from the date of boarding to the departure airport.
    The medical certificate or the medical opinion must state appropriateness of air travels, estimated delivery date, signs of labor, indicating the existence of a pregnancy complication, and the expected date of delivery.
    For example) If those passengers use AIR BUSAN's round trip service between Busan and Cebu, they must submit one document to each departure/arrival airport. (Submit one document to Gimhae Airport and one document to Cebu Airport)

    Women in pregnancy for 37 weeks or longer
    Boarding a plane is limited to ensure safety of passengers and safe flight operation.

  • What time shall I arrive at the airport on the departure date?

    Prior to departure, check-in and boarding process require some time. 
    Please arrive at the airport at least 1~2 hours prior to departure.

    Check-in process is finished 20 minutes(Domestic)/ 40 minutes(International) before the departure time.

    Please complete all processes including receiving a boarding pass and checking baggage in time.

  • Can I get a refund in cash for tickets paid by credit card?

    Tickets paid by a credit card cannot be refunded in cash directly but with the credit card on the day of card settlement.

    That is, your refund request for a ticket will be sent to the credit card company within three days, and the company will refund you for the request on the day of your settlement.

    So, it takes one to two weeks from the day of cancellation.

  • In case of suspension of service due to bad weather, can I get a refund automatically?

    The suspended airline ticket cannot be refunded automatically.

    To apply for a refund, please contact the reservation center (1666-3060/+82-70-7997-3060 from overseas).

    You can use the unused ticket due to suspension later within the valid period.

  • What is Mini stamp?

    Mini stamp is for special events and promotions.
    10 mini stamps shall be converted to one regular stamp.
    You can earn Mini stamps as a gift for your new membership, birthday and/or other various events.

  • Can I view and use my stored stamps in AIR BUSAN's homepage?

    Yes. You can view, store and use your stamps at [FLY&STAMP] page.

  • Can infant and child store and use stamps?

    No, infants and children are not eligible for storing and using stamps.

  • Will the stamps be terminated when withdrawing from membership?

    Stamps shall be permanently terminated when a member withdraws from his or her membership. (Even if the member re-join our website, the stamps shall not be reinstated.)
    Please be aware of it when you want to withdraw from your membership.

  • What is the expiration date of stamps?

    The expiration date of stamp is one year from the boarding date.
    (Example: In case of boarding and storing stamps on June 1st, 2014, the stamps will be valid until June 1st, 2015 ) Expired stamp is automatically deactivated.

    However, the following stamps have different rules on their expiration date.
    - Purchased stamp: 60 days from the date of purchase (Unused purchased stamps shall be refunded after 60 days, No refund charge)
    - Mini stamp: 6 months from the storing date

  • How are the special benefits of FLY&STAMP different from the existing mileage program?

    You can redeem your stamps for stamp flight tickets all year round, regardless of regular or peak season.

    In addition, it is possible to earn stamps through purchasing or transferring stamps as well as boarding planes.

    Moreover, you can also earn stamps in domestic/international connecting flights.

    Also, it is so easy and convenient for you to earn, view, and redeem stamps via our homepage.

  • What is FLY&STAMP?

    FLY&STAMP is a member advantage program for AIR BUSAN members.

    Passengers will earn stamps depending on their routes after purchasing flight tickets through AIR BUSAN's homepage and boarding.

    Passengers will also issue stamp flight tickets when they collect a certain number of stamps.

    In addition, it is possible to earn stamps through purchasing, transferring, or collecting stamps (Mini stamps) through occasional events as well as boarding.

  • I want to transfer a flight ticket to others, is it possible?

    It is not possible to transfer a flight ticket to others and to change the passenger's name. If you book a ticket with different information as on your passport such as your English name and gender, you may not be allowed to board. To make a change after payment, you should cancel/get a refund and then book a new ticket. However, the flight ticket and seat you want may not be available. In case of partial incorrect letters or spelling errors of passenger's name, please contact reservation center. However, charge can be imposed for name change.