Internet boarding pass service

  • Internet boarding pass service enables a faster and more convenient check-in and boarding.
Service Routes : Domestic flights
How to Use Services : Home/Mobile boarding pass
  1. Step01 Prior to Departure
    • Website Reservation/Payment
    • Online Seat Assignment completed
    • Issuance of home boarding pass or mobile boarding pass
  2. Step02 Security Gate
    • Recognize a barcode on your home/mobile boarding pass to scanner at Security Gate
    • Present ID card to staff at security gate
  3. Step03 Airplane Boarding

    Airplane Boarding

  • You cannot get on the plane if you do not enter the designated place until 20 minutes before scheduled departure time for on-time flight and those on a waiting list.
  • Passengers with baggage to check need to proceed to the check-in counter to check their bags before going through the Security GATE.
  • Your home boarding pass is valid only for printed, and copies and damaged boarding passes are not valid.
  • Mobile boarding pass service is offered only to customers with smart phone .

Ineligible passengers

  • Passengers who are eligible for discounted fares or requested services that require the confirmation of the staff
    (a child who travels alone, a passenger traveling with a pet, a passenger who requests a wheelchair or TOGETHER service, etc)


  • Flight schedules are the conditions approved by the government and boarding gates and seat numbers may be changed without prior notice for unavoidable reasons such as airport situations and airplane changes.
  • If you cannot print your boarding pass or send to your mobile phone due to any technical problem, please check-in at the counter at the airport.
  • AIR BUSAN is not responsible for any damages to your internet boarding pass that is lost, stolen or falsified.
  • 인터넷 탑승권 재발급을 원하시는 경우 [부가서비스 신청/변경]-[좌석 지정하기]-[인터넷 탑승권 인쇄] 또는 [모바일 탑승권 전송] 버튼을 클릭하시기 바랍니다.

Sample of mobile boarding pass

Sample of mobile boarding pass

Sample of home boarding pass

Internet boarding pass

Sample of the boarding pass information paper

Guidelines for Boarding Information