Purpose of Management

  • Customer
  • Shareholders
  • Society
  • Partner
  • Staff

Improving the quality of life for all of Kumho Asiana's stakeholders


  • Beautiful Corporation
    • A sound and reliable company that is not blamed but keeps its promises
    • A Beautiful Corporation contributes to society to fulfill its duty as a responsible corporation, and to endeavor to fulfill our role both at home and abroad.
  • Beautiful People
    • People who carry out their responsibility with passion and commitment

A beautiful corporation creating the highest corporate value in each related industry

Four Core Management Principles

  • Ethical Management
    • Fundamental principle-based management
    • Rational management
    • Uncritical management
  • Strategic Management
    • Mission-oriented management
    • Vision-oriented management
    • Strategic Management
    • Tactical management
  • Human resources management
    • People-centric management
    • Professional development management
    • Precise talent identification and placement-based management
  • Quality Management
    • Trust-based management
    • Customer-first management
    • Advanced technology-based management

AIR BUSAN will do our best to create the best customer value through perfect safety, convenient service and reasonable price.

  • Vision - The Best Asian Short-Haul Airline
  • Management Philosophy - Creating the best customer value by providing perfect safety, convenient service, and reasonable price

Service Moto

Lively and pleasant service

  • Friendly
    • Comfortable service
    • Hear-felt service
    • Service that satisfies the five senses
  • Clear
    • Swift, correct and stable service
    • Confident service
    • Refined services
  • Lively
    • Diligent service
    • Lively Service
    • Service with a smile