AI Image

It is the symbol of a lively seagull which flaps its wings energetically, being harmonized with the ocean waves. The sea of Busan, a seagull, and the sky are combined to create an image. A seagull, which symbolizes Busan and the word mark, which emphasizes Busan, are well matched and they express AIR BUSAN’s hope and desire to be a global company and meet the customer expectation.

CI Color

Deep blue is the color of the sea and sky of Busan, and shows AIR BUSAN’s strong conviction and commitment for customer satisfaction.

Main Color
Main color
  • PANTONE : 2736C, Process Color : C100 + M90, RGB : R30 + G64 + B154
Sub Color
Sub Color
  • PANTONE : 584C, Process Color : C30 + Y94, RGB : R190 + G215 + B61
  • PANTONE : 2925C, Process Color : C100 + Y20, RGB : R0 + G149 + B218
  • PANTONE : 390C, Process Color : C50 + Y100, RGB : R139 + G197 + B63
  • PANTONE : 7683C, Process Color : C100 + M50, RGB : R0 + G114 + B188
  • PANTONE : 7711C, Process Color : C100 + Y35, RGB : R0 + G170 + B181
  • PANTONE : Cool Gray1C, Process Color : K10, RGB : R230 + G231 + B232
  • PANTONE : 7702C, Process Color : C72 + Y9, RGB : R0 + G190 + B225
  • PANTONE : Cool Gray10C, Process Color : K75, RGB : R88+ G89 + B91
Metalic Color
Metalic Color
  • PANTONE : Gold872C
  • PANTONE : Gold877C

CI Motif

Motifs were developed to make the logo and applications of AIR BUSAN more easily utilized.

  • Graphic Motif A

    It maximizes the vision of AIR BUSAN by visualizing a powerful wings of seagull expressing the brand image of AIR BUSAN as the most significant motif.

  • Graphic Motif B

    A design which embodies wings of seagull and wave as a symbol of Busan means 'flexible wing' which can experience and communicate energetic soaring of AIR BUSAN and flexible and various values.

  • Graphic Motif C

    " Under the concept of New leap," this expressed the leap and growth of AIR BUSAN by visualizing the shape of the airplane wing and a powerful flight trajectory in a modern manner.

Character of AIR BUSAN

  • Smarty
  • Stewardess
  • Steward
  • Pilot